Watch Dogs 2 Review – A fun hacking adventure with plenty of class

Watch Dogs 2 is a new action packed hacking game release by Ubisoft. Watch Dogs 2 is a charming game that is filled with great graphics complimenting a great story line. The protagonist Marcus Holloway is a character that is motivated by a philosophy and has had enough of America spying on its civilians and holding data on them against their will through every technological device. These devices are building online records of them and DedSec (a hacktivist group) initiate Marcus Holloway into their group to try and fight the huge corporations.


Most of the mission in Watch Dogs 2 are played in the open and with two choices stealth or combat. To get through the missions we found that a mixture of the two can get you by. There are some downsides to the missions, you can not hide bodies that you have taken out sending the AI into a frenzy of alertness. So combat seems to be a common option is missions.

“Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, to execute the biggest hack in history; take down ctOS 2.0, an invasive operating system being used by criminal masterminds to monitor and manipulate citizens on a massive scale.

Explore an incredible variety of gameplay possibilities in a massive and dynamic open-world: the colourful & vibrant city of San Francisco, the industrial Oakland and its unpredictable suburbs, the natural landscapes of Marin County and the birthplace of the tech revolution, Silicon Valley.”

Playing around with your hacking abilities and upgrading them to get access to even more impressive powers – such as the ability to force a complete shutdown of a facility’s security, or sending an entire block of traffic into disarray – is crazy fun, but the game’s civilian AI is always a bit sporadic. They’ll call the cops on you for one crime, but completely ignore another. It’s also frustrating that, before you earn the ability to hack car alarms, almost every vehicle you hijack or steal results in the cops being called. Grand Theft Auto, by contrast, has always known exactly how much freedom to give the player before turning on the heat. Still, hacking into a car while you’re racing along the freeway is great, forcing them to turn sharply into oncoming traffic or making them brake hard so their mates crash into their behinds.

hackingHack into every connected device and take control of the city. Hack people to manipulate them and unleash new massive hacks.

You will get access to advanced hacking possibilities with your laptop, enabling you to express your creativity to combine different hacks for more elaborate and powerful outcomes.

hackerUse hacking and stealth to complete missions without killing a single enemy or go guns blazing for a more ferocious approach.

Develop different skills to suit your playstyle, and upgrade your hacker tools – RC cars, Quadcopter drone, 3D printed weapons and much more.


You will not be alone in your fight. Dedsec, an international hacker group, is fighting against all the injustice our modern world has created. With the help of Marcus, Dedsec will try to pull off the biggest hacks of the history, with one goal in mind: take down ctOS and all the corporations trying to control our lives.”

Overall its a great game to play, we were impressed with the vision of the game along with the incredible graphics. The hacking abilities are fun and the open play is pretty cool. It’s similar to Grand theft auto V in terms of the gameplay and is a similar type of game. Both are very good in their own way.

We rate this game 8/10.

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