Visit Venice the city built on water

Venice, Italys city of romance is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, just canals and a Gondola or a boat is the only way around such a beautiful city. It is filled with beautiful building full of Italian history and the city has a sense of elegance and comfort attached to it. The days are bright and lively and the nights are balmy and elegant.

Floating down the streets of such a city you are bound to come across a few hidden gems. You can find fine restaurants and boutiques that are filled with Italys finest and you will not be disappointed. Summers in Venice are very busy and tourists outnumber locals 2:1 but if you go towards the end of summer you should fine the city manageable and all yours.

Few cities in the world can compete with Venice’s beauty and architectural wonders. A breathtaking clash of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings line its gondola-filled canals. The Basilica di San Marco is a famous site that was 800 years in the making and is undoubtedly the pearl of Venice.

Venice is a great honeymoon destination and one that offers something not many other cities can and that is taking a romantic trip though the city on a gondola watching the sunrise over the lagoon with your loved one, there is nothing more breathtaking than that. This is a place definitely worth visiting.

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