Triceps – Skull Crushers

This is a great exercise to really work those triceps and get some results. You can use dumbbells, straight bar or an EZ bar but I would recommend using and EZ bar as it has great holding positions to work those triceps.
Take hold of an EZ bar and lie flat on a bench hold the EZ bar in front of you above your head and slowly lower it towards the top of your head (don’t go too far back) and slowly bring the bar back to position keeping your elbows in to the side of your body for solid results. You can hold the bar in different positions to work different parts of the triceps.


1st set 10kg 10 reps

2nd set 12kg 8 reps

3rd set 12kg 8reps

4th set 10 kg 12-15 reps


Move up by a kg or 2 every week if comfortable.

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