Top tips for looking great in a suit

Suits are items of clothing that represent style, class and elegance. Wearing a suit can make you look a million dollars and a world away from your everyday casual wear. Suits when worn well make you look impeccable and will have heads turning from every direction. Now learning how to wear a suit is very important as wearing a poor fitting suit does not look good and makes you look like a novice. When you wear a suit that looks good and fits well with matching accessories you can look the best and stand out in the crowd.

When wearing a suit you should have 3-4 colours as standard in your wardrobe. These colours should be Navy Blue, Grey, Blue and Black. You wear black for events such as unfortunate funerals and black tie events and the other colours for your work and other smart events. You should not wear your suit more than twice in a row as your suits need time off just like we do.

When wearing for example a blue suit, a brown belt and shoes compliment that suit so with the other colours you should match accordingly. Now they say the colour of the inside lining of your blazer should be an indication for the colour of the tie you wear and that is correct.

Know the signs of an poor fitting jacket
First, check how the shoulders fit as they are key to ensuring a sharp look. Shoulder pads need to end at the shoulders and neither stick out or stick up. Secondly, there should be no gap between your shirt’s collar and your jacket’s lapel. Thirdly, check the length of your jacket – it should be long enough to cover your zip and behind. And finally, your jacket should feel snug not tight as in your hand should have room to move if you slip it between your chest and the buttons done up.

Match colours when it counts
When it comes to choosing shoes to complement your suit, go for darker colours with cooler shades (navy, black and grey) and browns with warmer colours. Then find a thin belt in the same shade as your shoes. Add finesse with a pocket square but try not to match it to your tie and make sure that tie is always darker than your shirt.

Show your personality in detail
If you want to be a cut above the rest, add a few extra details to your sharp suit. A smart belt, tie, pocket square, dress watch, pair of cufflinks, tie pin and bright socks are all finishing flourishes to give you a sartorial edge. But above all else, they show off your personality.


Undo your buttons when sitting down
You probably spend most of your time sitting down in your suit, so make sure you’re comfortable in something that fits. When sitting ensure the buttons are all undone or you’ll risk ruining your suit.

Stick to the one-button rule
As in one button undone on your jacket or waistcoat if your suit jacket has more than one button. This is for both practical and stylish reasons- practical because you’ll feel less restricted in terms of movement and if you’ve ever done all the buttons up on a suit jacket, you’ll know why one button should always be undone.

Dress from the ground up
Send a signal that you pay attention to the details and ensure you’re stylish from the ground up. That means checking your socks are long enough so you don’t expose your legs when you sit down. And when standing, make sure your trouser hem hits the top of your shoe. Roll-ups may still be on-trend but keep it classic when it comes to suiting.

Expose your cuffs
To look sharp, try and expose at least half an inch of your cuffs. This will also mean you can show off your choice of cufflinks.

Cover up any additional layers
If you have a tendency to sweat or wear an extra layer under your shirt to keep you warm in winter, choose a basic deep neck t-shirt in a light colour and ensure it’s well hidden. You do not want to expose anything that could cheapen your smart suit and sharp look.

Steam or press your suit ahead of any occasion
It can make or break your impression on others. You want to be remembered for looking sharp not scruffy so make sure your suit is crease free.

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