Top SEO trends to boost your business in 2020

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With all its algorithm updates and technological advances, Google has managed to turn website optimization into an intricate conjunction of science and art. The days where you could stack keywords into content with a fair peace of mind, all to rank on the SERPs, are now behind us.

Today, search engines require that you show expertise, authority, and trustworthiness through your content. This is what makes your unique brand voice development so important. You want to connect with your users both on a professional and personal level.

With that said, I present to you top SEO trends to boost your business in 2020, all of which will help you beat the competition and enhance your online presence.

Voice search is definitely something you want to incorporate in your product

While voice search has been with us since 2012, it only recently managed to gain traction. The reason behind this being that current technological capabilities often fall short of expectations.

In recent years, however, the rise of voice control on mobile devices and dedicated virtual assistance shows promise. Certain reliable sources predict a rise of 30% in searches done without a screen. Whether you listen to them or not, you would be negligent if you ignored the power of voice search and didn’t optimize for it.

What is great about this means of boosting your business is its simple incorporation. The key here is to make everything a conversation. Here are three main strategies you can follow:

  1. Put your focus on long-tail keywords. As people have a tendency to use longer phrases when they are talking, it is a good SEO strategy to make them a part of your content.
  2. Learn about customer intent. Apart from determining your focus keywords, you also have to understand where they come from. It will help you form a better SEO strategy as you will know just what to aim your content towards.
  3. You ought to be mobile-friendly. As you have probably come to realize, searches aren’t done on desktops alone. Providing users with a complete experience is one of those certain trends to boost your business. Besides, a bad mobile website experience can turn customers away, which is a missed opportunity for a sale.

One of the main SEO trends to boost your business is high-quality, optimized content

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, website optimization has become an elaborate skill. However, there is one thing that stands out and takes precedence when it comes to SEO, and that is content.

It affects everything in SEO, from your site structure and internal linking strategy to the types of links you build. Apart from writing something that is relevant, you also have to ensure it has value. While quality content is still something Google can’t completely define, the day will come when the best content will win. This is why I believe investing in quality is one thing you cannot fail with.

Apart from setting yourself up for future success, it will also allow you to effectively compete for long-tail searches. As they still remain about 70% of all search queries, it will help build your site authority and demand for your content. Not to mention that this type of approach to content is exactly what Google is looking for with the goal of satisfying user needs.

When speaking of top SEO trends to boost your business in 2020, I have to point out one thing: worrying about a single keyword a page should be targeting is a thing of the past. You want to create content that addresses an entire conversation holistically. Here are some points that can help you implement this strategy:

  • Try to understand your audience better: who they are and how they go about their search.
  • See behind the intent of their questions; what are the problems they are trying to solve?
  • Provide them with solutions or answers through straightforward, quality, and authoritative content.
  • Follow this tactic for every stage of their journey in order to create a satisfactory topical experience that will serve their needs.

Include featured snippets

Apart from generating web traffic, another goal behind optimizing your website for search engines is getting the top spot on the SERPs. That being said, some studies show that even the top results are not safe from the powerful influence of the featured snippet.

As a matter of fact, the latter has a tendency of taking away clicks even from the No. 1 page result because they prove to be enough for most searchers. In order to improve your content ranking and be chosen as a featured snippet, here are a few methods you can employ:

  • Form your keywords as questions rather than phrases. For example, instead of using ”risk assessment” as a keyword, go for ”what is risk assessment?”. This way, you will actually answer a user’s question, rather than present generic content.
  • Visit popular Q&A portals, and see what most people are asking about when it comes to a certain topic. Quora and Yahoo Answers are great for this quest.
  • See that your content is structured. It is a simple tweak to your content that can be the difference between being selected as a featured snippet and falling to the bleak bottom of SERP. You probably won’t have to change your content itself, but rather its structure. Consider using FAQs, numbered lists and bullet points, how-to sections, and shorter paragraphs to increase the chances of your content being chosen as a featured snippet.

Pay attention to the visual image search

It is no secret that image optimization is an essential part of a sound SEO strategy. At the very least, Google has always advocated for it. As a matter of fact, it has made changes to how users search using images on the desktop.

This is a feature you most definitely want to take advantage of. Images are integral to online searches, making their utilization one of those SEO trends to boost your business. Having your images featured on the SERP is like being a visual featured snippet. And, in order to get them to the SERPs, here is what you ought to do:

  • Go for high-resolution images only
  • Make sure your image titles and descriptions are optimized
  • Do not forget to add alternative text to all images
  • Add image captions where necessary
  • Invest time in optimizing image size and file types


While each of these SEO trends to boost your business will bring a palpable difference to your work, implementing all of them in your content is your best bet for reaching that No. 1 spot on search engines. So, take one step at a time, and I am sure you will get there.


Author’s bio: Ed Eubanks a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger on various websites regarding website optimization and design, with his primary focus being on Movers Development. He likes to spend his free time hiking, fishing, and exploring the natural wonders of the USA.

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