Top 7 things to do when you visit Qatar

Qatar is one of the worlds richest countries (if not the worlds richest country) and is due to host the 2022 Football World cup. Qatar is using income from its large gas reserves to fund its regional and global ambitions. Oil is soon to run out and to continue gaining an income Qatar has vast holdings in major cities across the world including London (Canary Wharf). The capital is Doha, the country has a  population of 2.7 million people, an area of 11, 437 sq km, the common language is Arabic, country religion is Islam and the currency is Qatari Riyal. We have picked the top 7 things to do when you visit Qatar.

7] Shopping

Shopping in Qatar is something else. You will be spoilt for choice as Doha offers a choice of either traditional or modern shopping. You can get lost looking for a bargain as you walk through the winding laneways and stalls of the Gold Souq and Souk Waqif which stocks everything from spices and antique jewellery to colourful textiles.
Or enjoy the luxury of Doha’s luxury themed air-conditioned shopping malls that have great art work on the ceilings like the Italian themed Villagio Mall. The Doha City Centre mall hosts over two hundred international luxury and retail stores.

Attraction Highlights: City Center Doha, Villagio Mall, Souq Waqif, Gold Souq, Landmark Mall, Exclusive Boutique on the Pearl Doha

6] Culture and Religion

One thing you don’t want to miss if you are visiting Doha, is to take a cruise on a traditional boat known as “Dhow” or an exclusive yacht cruise. Depart from the Pearl islands and slowly cruise your way to the Doha Corniche, the skyline of Doha is simply breathtaking.
You can also take a walk on the Doha Corniche, this allows you to capture memories of what has contributed to present Doha, from the iconic pearl on the Oyster monument, to the dhow wharf.

5] Nightlife

The iconic skyline of the city lights up when the sun goes down. Nightlife in Doha is great and there are a great mix of restaurants and bars that you can relax in and enjoy great food. Qatar is a great place to explore from five star restaurants and bars to chill shisha lounges and lots more. The Pearl Qatar is also home to many local and international hangout spots.

4] Future Qatar

As Doha becomes a fast developing city and gears up for the 2022 World Cup, a number of key projects are undergoing construction.

Lusail City, just off the West bay lagoon will be home to residential buildings, island resorts, commercial district, marinas and luxury shopping facilities.

Aspire Zone, also known as Doha Sports City is a 250-hectare sporting complex, just about 20 minutes away from the hotel.  The complex features various porting facilities.

Education City, an initiative put forward by Qatar Foundation in an effort to make Qatar a leader in innovative education and research.

3] Al Zubara Fort

Al Zubara Fort was built in 1938 and used by the military until the 1980s. The archaeology and pottery exhibits have sadly been neglected, but the fort is still worth visiting for the bleak views from its battlements. The fort is at the intersection of the road from Doha and the road from Al Ruweis, 2km from Al Zubara.

2] City centre Doha

With its 350 shops, tented architecture, marble flooring and glass-fronted lifts, its ice-skating rink, bowling alleys and climbing walls, its congregations of juice-sipping Qataris and huddles of homesick expatriates, and its trolleys laden with eggs, packets of khobz (Arabian flat bread) and Egyptian olives, City Centre Doha is more an event than an errand.

1] Half day desert safari

A trip to Qatar would be a waste without this incredibly adventurous journey into the endless heart of the desert. Experience the rapture of an exhilarating roller coaster ride with luxury 4×4 vehicles driving across the tranquil sand dunes leaving you captivated. En route there is a stop for a breathtaking view of the Inland Sea, which is the natural border to Saudi Arabia giving an opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the timeless desert.

You can chose to be picked up at either 09:00 or 14.00 from your hotel or accommodation in Doha. A comfortable 4-wheel drive vehicle will take you from Doha, along the coastal route to Sealine passing the Oil fields and Towers in Mesaaid, where your vehicle will be prepared for the exciting journey ahead. Air will be released from the tires to enable them to drive smoothly over the soft sand of the magnificent dunes that lie ahead. This tour is an ideal photo opportunity, allowing you to capture the stunning panoramic views of spectacular sand dunes and the Inland Sea, while enjoying the a roller-coaster ride. This experience will truly overwhelm you as Khor Al Adeid is one of 3 unique places in the world, where the desert meets the Sea in that extraordinary shape. 

You will then have a short stopover in the desert camp for refreshments before heading back to Doha.

[image from qatarairways]

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