Top 5 online shopping places for men

We all love to shop and get some retail therapy some love to go into city centres or malls to get their shopping hit and other love to splurge from the comfort of their sofas. Us guys know what we want and go and get it when we go out shopping but online we know we can do it sitting on our sofas so we tend to shop around a little more for the best deals. We have picked the top 5 online shopping sites for you guys to check out. These sites offer everything you need for all seasons and they offer the best items at the top end and so very good stuff at the other.

5] FarFetch

Farfetch is an online fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world. Farfetch focus their efforts of designer goods that you can purchase for a discount compared with paying actual prices elsewhere. They also sell items from previous seasons that you can snap up for a discount. Some of their pieces are heavily discounted like designer shirts and these items maybe excess stock left over that the site can sell for very low prices. They are a really cool site offering a lot of stylish pieces for good prices.


4] Flannels

Flannels is a high end retailer selling designer items. They offer pieces exclusive to them from up and coming designers as well pieces from major designer brands. They offer a very neat collection of items that you may not find anywhere else. They carry brands from many different backgrounds and that gives them a unique collection that may be hard to find elsewhere.


3] Asos

Everyone has heard of Asos by now. Asos is one of the best online shopping sites for men and women. They offer great own branded items that are well made, cheap and fashionable along with other brands from small to well known. They offer great delivery options including next day delivery and have a good returns policy should anything go wrong. You know how good Amazons customer service is, Asos is that good in the fashion world. I highly recommend you check these guys out and i’m sure they will have what your looking for.


2] Mr Porter

Mr Porter is one of the best sites for finding great quality items. Mr Porter has a huge collection of menswear, accessories, boots, shoes and just about every other menswear item. They are known for having some of the best items to buy and they also have some limited edition items that you can only seem to find on their site. They have everything men could need from great clothing, grooming items, sunglasses, watches and style tips. They have a journal to keep you updated with latest trends and styles. This is a great site for guys looking to keep up with timeless style.


1] Selfridges

Selfridges is a store that has some of the finest things from all over the world for sale. They have a great collection of menswear from the best designers from all over the world. Selfridges sometimes sell things that no other store has, if you live in London you can pretty much get all the fine things anyway but some items you may not be able to procure and thats where Selfridges comes in, they have things that you may not even find in London. They sell a wide variety of items from cheaper brands that are ubiquitous all the way to brands that you may not have heard of but are at the top end of the price spectrum. Check them out they are really quite good. They sell clothing, accessories, food and a lot more.


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