Top 5 hot hatchbacks you should consider

Looking for a new car can be daunting and most of us do buy hatchbacks. Hatchback are perfect for driving around in the city and to do motorway miles. They are also good for practicality like boot space to carry items and to use for family. We have picked 5 of the best hatchbacks on the market and there are non that can really compare to the legacy or innovation of these cars. When considering a hatchback it is better to have 5 doors if you are carrying people around a lot and make sure it has all the tech and options you want added in to get the most out of the car.
5] Volvo V40
The new Volvo V40 looks very smooth. Volvo have been making some really cool hatchbacks over the last few years and this V40 is a great competitor to the 4 that follow this. The car sweeps to the grille of the car placing ever more emphasis on the Volvo Badge resting on the nose. The noticeable thing about the V40 is the unique T-shaped lights that create a wider, more athletic stance. They emphasise the car’s width. You can expect nimble handling, built-in USB and auxiliary connectors, plus wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and broadband, powertrains and advanced transmissions.  The interior is well built and is made from quality materials. The centre console with the big screen in the middle to control heating etc. takes some getting use to in looks. They have a choice of 3 diesel engines and 5 petrol engines with options for an automatic gearbox for some models. The 245bhp, 8 speed auto petrol engine can do 60.1mpg, can do 0-60mph is 6 seconds and has a top speed of 149mph. This is a car to seriously consider.
4] BMW 1 Series
This new BMW 1 Series looks a beauty. It features everything that BMW stands for – solid build quality, beautiful interiors, and a drive that will make you want to take the long route home. It looks great the contours that are really etched into the bonnet and the side really define the body of this car. The rear of the car really makes a statement.The new BMW 1 Series is equipped with a host of innovative technologies that allow you to maintain optimum connectivity on the road. From groundbreaking navigation and entertainment functions to the effortless of your smartphone apps, you will enjoy contemporary mobility that sets new standards.It has a well built infotainment system that is smooth and user friendly and it pops up from the dash.  Near perfect weight distribution and rear-wheel drive give the BMW 1 Series a natural handling, while the BMW EfficientDynamics technologies, including Automatic Start/Stop function, Optimum Shift Indicator and Brake Energy Regeneration guarantee outstanding consumption and emissions. The BMW M140i is power in its purest form, exhibiting a spectacular performance of 0 to 62 in 4.8 seconds. Powered by the M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine with an impressive 340hp.
3] Mercedes-Benz A Class

The brand new Mercedes-Benz A Class is another great hatchback to consider when looking for a new car. This new A Class has a new look with a sharper, more smoother design and a slopping roof to give it a more athletic and sportier look. Overall its not a bad looking car and is a great rival to the VW golf, Audi A3 and BMW 1 series. The interior is not too bad and things overall feel well made but some plastics on the cheaper model feel a bit cheap. There is a large 5.8-inch infotainment display screen and the sporty circular air vents. If you want a diesel engine, there are three choices: a 1.5-litre with 108bhp or a 2.1-litre with either 134 or 175bhp. They’re the A180d, A200d and A220d. The A180d can do 0.60mph in 11.3 seconds and manage an impressive 80.7mpg, with CO2 emissions as low as 89g/km. The A200d can do 0-60mph in 7.5 seconds and return up to 68.9mpg.

Mercedes-Benz A Class hatchback Review

2] Audi A3
The new Audi A3 looks amazing. The A3 comes in many models like the hatchback, saloon, and cabriolet but whatever model you pick it will make an instant impression. From the distinctive silhouette to the wider, flatter grille, this new A3 marks brings excitement to the range. There is a high level of equipment as standard, including cruise control, rear parking sensors and Audi Smartphone Interface to keep you connected. There are also enhanced interior elements and a striking front and rear design. But it ’s the latest technology options that really enable you to make the A3 your own. Like Matrix LED headlights and Audi Virtual Cockpit, as well as driver assistance systems that watch the road intelligently. These features represent the very pinnacle of Audi technology. The Audi Connect Infotainment Services is very innovative and works really well, giving you access to entertainment, information and search functions via scrolling or tapping. There is also the Audi Virtual Cockpit that replaces the traditional dashboard with a high-resolution, 12.3” LCD screen, which you can customise by pressing the ‘view’ button on the multi-function steering wheel. A great engine is the 148bhp 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol, which can turn off two cylinders at a cruise to save fuel. The 1.0 TFSI three-cylinder is a decent unit and great for town driving, but the 1 litre does have to work it quite hard on the motorway. There’s also a powerful 2.0-litre petrol. Of the diesels, the entry-level 108bhp 1.6 is smooth, but not that great. The 148bhp 2.0-litre feels stronger, and the 181bhp version is an absolute belter. The S3 and S3 Sportback feature a more powerful version of the 2.0-litre petrol engine, and four-wheel drive.
1] Volkswagen Golf

This is the best hatchback money can buy, it has everything from looks to performance. Volkswagen make some of the most reliable cars in the world and their best hatchback has been the Volkswagen Golf. The new Volkswagen Golf 2017 has been give a facelift making it look more modern and inline with modern trends. It has also been given some changes under the hood like better fuel economy, more range of engines to choose from and a much better infotainment system. The overall look is much better with smooth contours and a more defined shape making it look a lot sharper and more aggressive. The Volkswagen golf comes with a few engine options like the 1.5litre turbocharged petrol with 148bhp and there is a turbocharged 2.0 litre with 227bhp. It may also a mild hybrid petrol engine with a small electric motor to improve fuel economy but more will be clear closer to release day.

The best new hatchback Volkswagen Golf 2017: info and specs

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