Top 10 technology trends for 2020

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With so many different technologies and with such a fast pace of advancing, it can be hard to keep up with everything that is going on. It almost seems that as soon as you get updated about a certain area, you are already outdated in another one. So, what are you to do? Well, to give you a comprehensive idea of the state of modern technology, we are going to take a look at what we feel are the most important technology trends for 2020.

Top technology trends for 2020

When trying to keep track of technology trends, it’s important to remember that technology doesn’t stand on its own. Things like economy, political trends, environmental factors, all play a role in how technology will develop and which aspects of it are going to be emphasized. So, while reading our top technology trends for 2020, consider how various factors and technology trends interact.

AI development

The first and arguably the most important technology we are going to mention is AI. While we are still far away from AGI (artificial general intelligence), standard AI is becoming more and more sophisticated. This is mostly because developing AI is a race, and numerous high-end teams are participating in it. For now, we have AI’s that play complex video games better than any pro players. Although this might seem trivial to a layman, it is an indicator that AI development is going to be one of the biggest technology trends for 2020.

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AI development is one of the major technology trends for 2020.

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Sensor-based technology

The implementation of AI in everyday life is also becoming more and more prevalent. And one of the most common places we are going to see it is in accordance with sensor-based technology. Modern sensor development allows for much faster and precise reading of the environment. This makes various smart technologies like smartwatches or robots even smarter and more aware of their surroundings.

Greater computing power

Both AI and sensor technology were made possible only with greater computing power. However, this doesn’t this mean that computers are much more powerful than they were in 2019. What it means is that high-end computers became cheaper. This allows for numerous companies to integrate them into their technologies and make things like AI and high-end sensors possible. So, in 2020, expect a larger presence of high-end computers.

Quantum computing development

The biggest development in computer power will come with Quantum computing. While this may seem like a far-fetched, Star Track technology, it is far from so. In fact, the development of a true Quantum computer can easily happen in late 2020. At this point, scientists are simply working out some minor kinks that, when dealt with, should make Quantum computers a reality. Keep in mind that the implications that this has for AI development are staggering, to say the least.

Figure 2

Quantum computing will probably allow us to create true AGI.

Artificial intelligence.


Space X and aerospace technologies

When Elon Musk started his idea of private-owned space travel, people were doubtful. But now, after multiple successful trips to space, Space X has become a serious company that is at the forefront of space technology. And since it is still growing, 2020 is going to bring a couple of innovations to it. The biggest one is regarding vehicle transport to space.

Electronic cars

You cannot talk about Elon Musk without mentioning Tesla. Ever since Tesla started producing electronic cars, people have been crazy about them. So much so that they are the fastest-growing car trend in 2020. And, once you consider all the benefits an electric car brings you (from being eco-friendly to having a legit computer helping you drive), you’ll be hardly surprised that people are so crazy about them.

Self-driving vehicles

Another one of notable vehicle technology trends for 2020 is the self-driving vehicles. Better sensors, AI and computers are making the concept of self-driving vehicles more and more possible. This is something that moving and shipping companies should look out for, as self-driving trucks are soon going to become a reality.

Figure 3

Certain countries already have self-driving vehicles on the streets.

A self-driving vehicle on a city street, showing one of the technology trends for 2020.

Eco-friendly technologies

Electronic cars and self-driving vehicles are just some of the eco-friendly technologies that we are going to see in 2020. This should come as no surprise as we are becoming more and more aware of possible climate change and how to deal with it. The biggest changes will come in energy production as companies will try to stray away from fossil-based fuels.

Healthcare development

There is hardly an area of healthcare where we don’t see advancements. From developments in cancer research to nanotechnologies that allow for safer, less intrusive surgeries. Unfortunately, it will take some time before these technologies impact the cost of health care. But, there is no doubt that they are a big step towards a better future.

Virtual reality

Finally, one of the technologies we have to mention is the virtual technology. 2020 has already seen an increase in VR games and VR technology, some of which would make a person from the 2000’s faint. Alongside that, you have VR training programs that help professionals get the necessary practice in almost all fields. As time goes on, we can expect an increase in these technologies and development on some quite realistic virtual realities. And, while this has numerous benefits, one cannot help but worry about what our world will be like with massive use of VR technology.

Final thoughts

As you can easily see, almost all technology trends for 2020 intertwine. A breakthrough in AI will make self-driving cars a reality, while Quantum Computing will heavily alter energy production and space technology. So, if you are trying to wrap your mind around modern technology, remember to look at the bigger picture. By doing so, you will have a much better idea of where these trends are going and how they are going to impact our everyday lives.

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