Top 10 Summer Fragrances

These are our all time top 10 summer fragrances for men. They are a selection of some of the best brands on the market and these picks won’t let you down. They are some of the best smelling fragrances out there and these fragrances will bring back a feeling of nostalgia for some of us as some of these are pure classics.


10. Jean Paul Gaultier Summer Edition

This fragrance is one of a fresh, luring, attractive and sexual nature. In the hot heat it gives out its smell and will really get all the girls coming closer. Its inexpensive and can be purchased from your local perfume shop. [image from]


9. Calvin Kline Obsession


This fragrance is alluring, spicy, powerful and provocative. It’s great for summer evenings when you’re out relaxing with your girlfriend or even with your mates, it’s worth buying and its is really inexpensive so men this is a great option. [image from]



8. Aqua by Carolina Herrera


This fragrance is just an absolute treat to the nose it’s got a great spicy flowery smell. It is one definitely for the summer. This is a chick magnet and is one of my personal favourites. [image from]



7. Davidoff Cool Water


This fragrance has a fresh, powerful and sensual smell it also has an essence of lavender. This fragrance is really one for cooling you down in heat of summer, it does not only cool you down but has a powerful smell that people just can not resist they will have to turn their heads and admire the smell. [image from]



6. Prada Infusion

This fragrance has a citrus, elegant, sensual and a fresh smell. It is one of attraction and power, it will definitely get you attention. It is not expensive and is worth your money. [image from]



5. Bvlgari Aqva Marine

This fragrance is a fresh, natural and masculine. It is rosemary scented and is one for the summer. It smells fantastic and gives off a cool relaxing smell in the heat of summer, its is one worth adding to your collection. [image from]



4. Calvin Klein Escape

Escape For Men

This fragrance makes you feel adventurous, alive and fresh and that is exactly what you need in the summer. This fragrance wont let you down and is one worth buying. [image from]


3. Gucci Guilty


Gucci Guilty is a fragrance from heaven! It has an orangey flower scent and is a magnetic attraction. It will instantly attract anybody who smells it or even gets a waft of the scent. [image from]



2. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

Ralph Lauren polo blue is a summer cooler and I say this because it has a mix of smells like cucumber, tangerine and a woody scent that makes it very sophisticated and its worth your money. [image from]



1. 1 million Pacco Rabanne


Pacco Rabanne’s 1 million is the best summer evening fragrance and is spicy, daring, masculine and just truly irresistible as ladies love it and are temped by it. It has a hint of the rose and musk. This is the one to buy this summer. [image from]


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