Tom Clancy’s The Devision

This highly anticipated action game will not let you down it will keep you engaged and is action packed. It has a dense, detailed world, Intense campaign missions, Impressive multiplayer integration and a clear structure throughout the whole game. Missions are impressive and multiplayer is awesome.

Product description:

“Back in 2001, a group of scientists and politicians launched a project called Dark Winter, an exercise to test the emergency response to a bio-terrorist attack. The simulation revealed how quickly everything would fall apart, with massive civilian casualties and a complete breakdown of civil society.

The bio-attack came from the flu virus which can survive on a bank note for up to 17 days. In the game, a pandemic begins on Black Friday “ the biggest shopping day of the year ” jumping from money to person, from toys to food, from parent to child and back again.

And then everything crumbles. In just one day the hospitals reach capacity. In another, entire zones will be quarantined. By the third day, the stock market has collapsed. Day four: the power fails, the taps run dry, the shelves are empty. And in just five days, everyone is a threat!”

Available on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE, retailing between £39-£45

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  1. Nikki

    This is superb. I’m so happy that you decided to discuss this subject because I required this information imtdeiamely. Many times there seems to be these kinds of articles that are not good, yet you reached the nail right on the head. This is deeper compared to just what I thought it will. Wonderful job and also well done.

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