Tips for throwing an awesome baby shower for a dad to be

A dad holds his newborn

Have you heard of a new trend among fathers to be? That’s right -throwing an awesome baby shower for a dad to be is certainly becoming more and more popular, and rightfully so. Why would ladies have all the fun? Parties are for everyone, and dads also feel the need to celebrate this upcoming event in their life. We understand them, and that is why we have decided to share a few tips they can use to make a memorable baby shower.

Where to start?

Who should be in charge of the baby shower organization? Well, some expectant fathers will like to be the ones who decide on everything, while others will prefer to have their party thrown by their friends, colleagues, or even their spouses. This is certainly something we will let future dads decide while we focus on other details.

The organizer’s first task should be to choose the theme of the baby shower. Will it be a manly event or something similar to what moms have before they give birth? No judgment either way.

The invitations

When the theme is picked, it is time for the invitations to be made. They can be relatively informal, just like we think your party should be. Print the templates that can be found online or create your own to give it a personal touch. Just make sure that you indicate where and when the party will happen and what is it that the guests should bring.

A person’s hand holding a baby shoe
Baby showers can be fun for dads too

Food and drinks

After you tick the invites off the list, it is time for choosing food and drinks. Since this is a baby shower organized for a dad to be, we suppose that the menu will consist of simple and “manly” food choices. Here are some of the most common food choices for this occasion:

  • Pizza – who can say no to a good slice of pizza? This is the most usual choice for many parties, so why not have it at a baby shower?
  • Burgers – again, why miss the opportunity to enjoy a perfect burger and celebrate the future arrival of a new baby?
  • BBQ – if the party is being thrown outside, there is no better way to celebrate a man becoming a father soon than organizing a barbecue. Everybody can participate in preparation too, not only when the time comes to consume what’s been cooked.
  • Themed cakes – let’s leave those cute little cupcakes and colorful macarons for a baby shower organized for moms to be and have a big themed cake, of which everyone can enjoy a manly slice. Football or rugby cake – that’s what we are talking about!
A blue cake with Oh baby sign on top
The cake is always the crown of any event

Drinks can be chosen to match the food or the guests’ usual choices. But, be careful, guys – getting drunk at a baby shower for a dad to be would not be appropriate at all!

Present ideas

Baby showers are all about gifts for a baby and its parents, so this party thrown for a dad should be no different. There are some gift ideas with which you cannot make a mistake. If you are not sure about what those are, don’t worry, we have some tips:

  • Diapers – babies need tons of them, so every parent appreciates all they can get. If you would like your present to be a little bit more creative and still include diapers, you can opt for a diaper cake. There are millions of ideas online, and many creative gift shops are making them at your demand.
  • Baby clothes – again, new parents would be happy to get baby clothing items in pretty much all sizes and since babies often need a change of outfit more than once a day, having more clothes is always a plus. Our advice is to get practical and neutral stuff. Those will be worn more often than the occasionwear, and such items are easily combined. Onesies are something you can never go wrong with, especially if they are made of natural materials. Choose organic cotton that is comfortable and environmentally-friendly.
  • Matching sets – A matching clothing set for a baby and his/her dad is a very popular gift nowadays. The sets usually contain a T-shirt for dad and an onesie or a tee for the baby. The prints and colors can reflect the team the dad goes for or a funny saying that you think rings true for this particular dad. Of course, the choice is all yours!
  • A watch, a wallet, or any other gift for men that you know this future dad wants or needs.
  • Diaper backpack or any of the accessories – Cool dads are not afraid to spend some time alone with their baby outside while mommy is elsewhere doing whatever she needs to or wants to do. To make this wonderful man even cooler, you can equip him with a manly backpack where he will be able to fit fresh diapers, some extra clothes, baby wipes, and other stuff he needs for spending a day out with a baby. Or, you can get him a carrier that some parents prefer over strollers.
Daddy carrying a baby in a carrier
Cool dads spend a lot of time with their babies

Games and quizzes

An awesome baby shower for a dad to be probably looks slightly different from the same party organized for a mom. We doubt that a group of men would have too much fun discussing labor pains and taking a quiz to see who knows more about diaper change and similar stuff. And who says that the games at this daddy party have to be about babies? Table tennis or a video game would probably be more interesting and more appropriate for a group of guys.

Throwing an awesome baby shower for a dad to be is a great way to celebrate his future role with his friends, family, and colleagues. Have fun at the party!

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