The world’s most expensive yacht

This beast of a yacht has been created by Rob McPherson and is set to mimic the streets of the playboy’s playground Monaco. It has been built with some of the key iconic features of Monaco like the famous Hotel de Paris, Prince’s Palace, Loews Hotel, Port Hercule and La Rascasse. As you can see from the image it also has tennis courts, swimming pools, a helipad, mini submarine, speedboats, jet skis, Jacuzzis and some of the actual streets of Monaco. The streets are like a kart race track that replicates the famous Grand Prix track.


The interior os the ship is simply luxurious and has been designed to keep the luxury of Monaco alive within the ship.

Connected to all levels of the ship via a private lift and spread over three floors, the owner’s apartment is the most opulent section of the ship that features a fire place, double height ceiling, office, bedroom, private courtyard, sunroom and a private sundeck with a Jacuzzi/swimming pool.

The world’s most expensive yacht is a 155 metre in length, accommodates 16 guests and up to 70 crew and travels at a top speed of 15 knots. The starting price is $400 million dollars. Mere pocket change for the super rich.

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