The Ultimate Dropshipping guide: 9+ tips to get you started

Dropshipping can be a very lucrative business when done right. You have to know how to start, where you get your products and how to sell them. People earn thousands of dollars a month selling items online. Dropshipping basically means you sell a product online that you do not hold in stock and when that item sells you go to a shopping site that sells it really cheap and order that item for your customer inputting their details at the checkout. That item will then ship to your customer making you loads of money. Normally you would have to order the item in bulk wasting time, paying shipping fees to bring the item to you that takes time and involves a lot of paperwork and it saves you shipping fees.

Checkout this really cool guide from AliExpress that contains the Ultimate Dropshipping guide with 9+ tips to get you started :


AliExpress is a site that sells items really cheap from abroad like China and there is no minimum order quantity so you can order as you sell.

[image from Entrepreneur Campfire]

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