The new Mercedes-Benz E Class

The new Mercedes-Benz E Class is probably one of the best mid sized saloons money can buy this year. Its not only well designed but has an interior like no other and one that is second to none in its price range. The new E Class has a new welcomed face lift that give the car a classy yet elegant look along with new better designed headlights. The front of the car has seen some great changes like the Mercedes Badge has been placed into the grille instead of sitting on top. The headlights are sweeping like the design of the car. Over all the car looks like a mini S Class.

This is the 2.0litre model (also comes in a 3.0litre model), it has 192bhp with a top speed of 149mph and can do 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds with a a 72.4mpg fuel economy, beating many of its rivals like the Jaguar XF and the BMW 3 Series.

The interior is one of a kind with its new 12.3inch screen and new sweeping centre console design along with all the latest tech like ambient lighting as standard and leather seats making this car very comfortable. The future for Mercedes is all about better communication between devices using its Car-to-X communication system which allows the vehicle to exchange info with other cars. This will allow you to get warnings from other cars for traffic, obstacles/objects on the road, accidents and more.

In a better attempt at self-driving, Mercedes has upgraded the E-Class with many optional smart driving features. The car is now able to spot other vehicles and pedestrians at high speeds and should it need to brake and bring the car to a stop. The car has also been upgraded to maintain smart cruise control at speeds of up to 130mph, allowing you relax a little more behind the wheel. This is a one of a kind car this year and one that is worth considering should you need a new luxury mid size saloon thats got everything you need. Prices start at £35,935.

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