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Buzziter Social Network
Social networks or Social media platforms are many but the ones dominating are somewhat slowing down in growth. People out there are looking for alternate social media and in the vast space of social networks where there are many (some good, some not so good) for you to choose from a few really stand out. We have picked a few of the best up and coming social networks / social media platforms for you to take a look at.
Buzziter is a very new social media website that can be used for anything like blogging or sharing pictures, stories and anything else you can think of. You sign up with your email and select a username and password. Once in you can create content easily adding pictures and the like comment or repost the post. You have a section called buzzing to show you what hashtags are trending. There is no word limit to your posts so you can add as much as you want and the cool thing is you can add hashtags and mentions throughout your post. There is a cool feature called the world page that shows you posts with a certain number of likes from users all over the world. You have your own profile that allows you to add your own profile picture, bio and a link to your website. Overall this is one of the best up and coming social networks with a lot of potential.
2] Ello 
Ello was meant to be a genuine rival to the big social-media networks but it never fulfilled that promise. If you love art or enjoy creating art then this could be the network for you. You create a profile based on your interests and stuff you want to see like photography, architecture and more. Ello serves you a feed of posts based on your interests and you can comment, like, and repost. You can also find new people to follow by visiting the Discover section. You can also sell your work through the website.
3] Vero
Aan Instagram alternative that has gotten 3 million downloads recently. The app makes it easy to search through old posts, allowing you to quickly view and move through all the movies friends have recommended to you. The surge in growth came from users’ who are frustrated with Instagram’s non-chronological feed. Retention may have been tough since then as its founder Ayman Hariri has come under scrutiny for labor practices. This goes to show that its rapid ascension shows that people are hungry to explore something new.
Connect with the people who live nearby and is active in around 169,000 neighbourhoods in the U.S. This network helps you to get to know your neighbours and comes in handy if you want to buy or sell used items, throw a street party, or take care of local issues.To get started fill out your profile, start finding friends (although you’re limited to adding people in your geographical location) and if nobody else in your geographic location has connected to the network, you can create a new community and invite your neighbours. Need a babysitter at short notice? Spotted a crime that your neighbours should be aware of? Nextdoor can help. While you don’t need to turn these interactions into face-to-face meetings, that can certainly help you get to know your neighbours a little better.

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