The best electric bike Stromer ST2

The Stromer ST2 is an electric bike that can do it all. Ushering a new era for the chic and smart urban lifestyle, the ST2 combines digital connectivity with Swiss efficiency and eco-friendly mobility to deliver a truly ground-breaking e-bike experience. You can choose from the Sport or Comfort models to suit your riding style.

Taking every detail into consideration when it comes to safety, serviceability, comfort, handling, performance, and style – the ST2 has the highest level of integration of any e-bike.

The ST2’s new, and more compact SYNO Drive motor not only provides 500W of power, but an enormous 35Nm of torque too: that’s more than enough to put a very big smile on your face when you step on its pedals. It can reach speeds of up to 30mph which is pretty impressive.

With a range of up to 180km, a new, proprietary, Li-Ion battery puts the ST2 in a league of its own. The 48-Volt battery contains a whopping 983Wh of energy. Despite this significant increase in endurance, the ST2’s battery still tucks neatly away into the down tube.

Stromer is making and writing history when it comes to digital connectivity. Its new user interface provides remote, wireless interaction between the bike and other touch points such as the Stromer Portal and your smartphone.

The Stromer App enables you to tune the performance settings of your Stromer. You can also remotely lock and unlock your bike, thereby preventing theft. Should some unwanted person attempt to interfere with the bike, its lights will automatically begin to flashand the motor will go into theft mode, making riding nearly impossible. If the bike is stolen, it can be remotely located through a in-built, intelligent GPS system which interfaces with the smartphone Stromer App.

The Stromer portal offers a holistic overview of your ST2, starting from the due date of the next service through to support from the Stromer Service staff in the remote detection and rectification of minor problems on the bike. Using the Stromer portal, your dealer can configure and analyze your ST2, track service entries and maintenance schedules and access data for the bike and key statistics.

The cost around $9000-$10000.

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