The 7 Best Golf Club Sets in the World

Golf is a relaxing enjoyable game once you know how to get going. Walking those beautiful golf courses on days off can be really therapeutic. Once you get your swing set and the discipline of playing golf under your belt, all you’ll need are a great set of golf clubs.

Once you begin playing golf it is very easy to get hooked and then you will want to play the best game and have the best clubs. We can help you select the golf clubs that can help you improve your score.

Now, new clubs aren’t going to instantly make you a great golfer golfer, but once you have solidified your swing and learned how to make good club selections to hit the ball from from different lies, your game will improve and having better equipment will start to help.

New clubs feature the latest technologies, delivering better accuracy and length than older clubs. We have picked the 7 best golf club sets in the world.

The Driver: The driver will carry the largest club head and the shallowest club face angle of any type of golf club (other than the putter). Drivers have long shafts and are designed to strike the ball off the tee, rather than off the ground. When struck properly, this club will drive the ball farther than any other club. Some holes are even too short to use a driver like Par 3’s.

Fairway Woods: Common fairway woods are the 3-wood and 5-wood. Woods with higher numbers have a deeper club face angle and generate more loft. (The driver also can be called a 1-wood.) A fairway wood will be used from a good lie in the fairway when you still are at least 175-200 yards from the green.

Hybrid Clubs: A hybrid is a newer style of club, designed to be a mixture between a wood and an iron. Many people find hybrids easier to hit solidly than long irons, so they’ll often replace long irons in your bag. They have a greater loft than fairway woods and a smaller head, but they have a larger sweet spot than irons.

Irons: An iron is a thin club face that delivers far more loft than woods. You’ll use an iron on the fairway and approach to the green, as the grooves in the flat club face help to generate backspin on the ball. That spin, coupled with the higher loft, give you a better chance of having the ball stop on the green. Irons run from 1- and 2-irons to 9-irons, with larger numbers representing a greater club face angle and a higher arcing shot with less distance. Because large irons are difficult to strike successfully, some sets don’t include anything larger than a 3- or 4-iron these days.

Wedges: Wedges are a subset of irons and have the same shape. However, they have the shortest shafts and the most severe angle on the club face, giving you more loft and less distance. Sand wedges, pitching wedges, and lob wedges all exist, and the different types of wedges deliver different lofts and club face angles for tricky shots around the green.

Putters: Putting (very important part of game at least 50% of golf) is where the game of golf can be won. The putter is the only club you should use while on the green (hence, the term putting surface). Some people will use putters from the fringe area around the green too, but it’s not like other golf clubs, as the face is flat with no loft. Because there are so many different putter designs.

7] Callaway Strata 9-Club Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

Callaway (a leading golf brand) offer this 9-club set (12 pieces when counting two head covers and the bag) as the perfect entry-level option for someone needing all the essentials at an affordable price. Complete with a lightweight stand bag, this set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, six irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. The driver has an oversized head and sweet spot, comparable to higher-priced clubs that the pros play with, and the 5-hybrid provides a great alternative to those pesky long irons. It’s also offered in 16-and 18-piece versions and comes for women too.

6] Tour Edge HP-25 Complete Golf Club Set

Those looking for value will be pleasantly surprised with this 12-club complete set from Tour Edge. With a 460cc driver for big distance even on off-center tee shots and a forgiving 4-hybrid, this set really delivers, in a lightweight, affordable package.

5] Pinemeadow PRE Men’s 16-Piece Complete Golf Club Set

If you’re just starting out or a every now and then golfer then these clubs will do the trick. It has everything you need for a successful round, including a titanium-enhanced driver, a 3-wood and 3-hybrid, six irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. Carry it all in the included dual-strap bag with a kickstand.

4] Wilson Ultra Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

The Wilson Men’s Ultra is a good set for beginners, as it has everything you need to play a full round of golf. Even better, the clubs are designed to create distance even when your stroke isn’t perfect, helping you start out.

  • Driver Wilson Ultra graphite shaft Regular 10.5 ° loft
  • Wilson wood 3 Graphite Shaft Regular 15 ° loft
  • Wilson Ultra Hybrid Fairway Wood 4 Graphite Shaft Regular 21 ° loft
  • Wilson Ultra Iron 5 – SW (5, 6, 7, 8, PW, SW) graphite Regular and Wilson Ultra putter

3] Adams Speedline

Keep hitting the ball well throughout your golfing days with the Adams Speedline. They offer both regular and senior models, so no matter your age or swing speed. They are a great set of clubs designed to add distance to your swing with their design and hold.

2] Taylormade Aeroburner HL Irons

This is just a set of irons but ones that will make your game more enjoyable. The improved design of the clubs provide incredible distance and made of golfers with all abilities. The irons feature a wider sole allowing better playability. The irons have a larger club head, with slight draw bias, fast and thin faces which will add to your confidence. The thin face design and low centre of gravity placement combines high launch and maximum distances.

1] Mizuno Golf MP-5 Iron Set

Mizuno has long been one of the leading makers of blade-style irons that give you the feel and control. It’s a complete set of irons, featuring a 3-iron through pitching wedge. The set is expensive, but it delivers the kind of performance that experienced players want.

Mizuno clubs are aimed at low handicap players, so you’ll need some experience and skill to take advantage of the features of these irons.

The irons have a slightly wider back that helps to give golfers a great feel and the ability to lift the ball properly. These irons also have a rounded edge that moves through the turf well without reducing club speed.

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  1. asapon

    I think the greens have so much break negates putting a bit. I feel better putters have advantages on courses with tame greens as the start the ball correctly more often. Augusta I feel the most important thing is being in the correct spot and giving your self easier putters. While putting obviously helps, I think the great ball strikers/poor putters (Sergio, Rose, Stenson, Matsuyama, Scott) have a better chance to win at Augusta then shaky ball strikers excellent putters (Fowler, Reed, Snedeker, Kuchar) Spieth and Woods should historically be great here, shaky off the tee, excellent iron play, excellent putting.

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