Should you get an Apple card?

apple credit card

Apple announced that they would be releasing an Apple card a few months ago. This card operates like a normal credit card but offers some advantages. Let us take a look at it a little closer.

  • The Apple card is made out of titanium, has a nice matt white finish and details are etched onto the card.
  • Apple card is issued by Goldman Sachs and the global payment network is Mastercard.
  • Add your card to your Apple wallet and use it like you would any other card, it asks for face ID before you use your card for security.
  • Or just use it as a normal card.
  • The virtual card number and details are in the Wallet app.
  • When you use your card you get daily cashback on your purchases. You get cashback everyday not every month like other providers. Cashback goes onto your card to use the next day. 1% on everything. 2% using Apple pay. 3% at Apple stores.
  • If you lose your card you can deactivate it from the wallet app.
  • If you lose your card nobody can use it as they do not have your iPhone or your face ID.
  • There are no fees for anything not even late payments. They just have interest fees on credit.
  • Variable APRs range from 12.99% to 23.99% based on creditworthiness. These are subject to change.
  • Have a question about the card? Just text Apple.
Before getting the Apple card it is worth shopping around. There are lower interest rate accounts out there with much better benefits. This card is just a statement symbol and not really anything that impressive. The thing with this card is it works so well with Apple and the iPhone it makes everything convenient.

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