Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything you need to know

Samsung are an incredible company that have had an amazing year with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Their note 7 was doing well until it caught fire, got recalled and discontinued but we don’t think it caused any lasting damage to the company. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a beautifully designed piece of metal and glass. It looks like the S8 but straighter and more versatile. With the new S-Pen that can be used by businessmen and enthusiasts it is due for release in September 2017.

The new Note 8 has a 6.3 inch infinity screen with an aspect ration of 18.5:9 and a 14% wider view. It’s the biggest screen ever for a Galaxy Note giving you more screen for a bigger view and more space to use the S Pen. It fits comfortably in your hand because the symmetric curves and aspect ratio come together for a narrow body.

The Galaxy Note8 is designed to be used easily and simply. The curves and smooth body are engineered to offer you a comfortable grip and more space for you to write with the S Pen. The fingerprint scanner is virtually flush with the back, and the Home button is embedded underneath the Infinity Display to stay invisible until you need it. Turn on Multi Window mode to have two apps open at the same time.

The 10nm mobile processor works with the 6GB RAM to make everything work well. Browse the web, download files, and stream videos with speed and ease. The Galaxy Note8 supports both gigabit LTE and gigabit Wi-Fi, meaning that it’s built to give you superior connection speed by tapping into network speeds that can go as high as 1 gigabit per second. Games heavy with graphics feel light on the Galaxy Note8 because it supports Vulkan API. With Vulkan making fast connections between computing and graphics, what you get is beautifully smooth performance that doesn’t drain your battery as much. Good music deserves to be heard through good earphones. The Galaxy Note8 comes with earphones tuned by AKG and packed with 11Φ woofers and 8Φ tweeters.

The new Note 8 has dual sim capability with up to 256gb of external storage that can be added. It has wireless charging, water and dust resistant and biometric authentication. With the dual SIM option on your phone, you have the freedom to keep two lines open, a personal line and a work line.

Unlock your phone with your eyes, your face, or a press of your finger. Samsung Knox protects your biometric data as well as safeguarding what’s on your phone.

  • Iris scan
  • Fingerprint scan
  • Face recognition
  • Pattern
  • Password
  • PIN

Take crisp and clear shots with the Galaxy Note8’s 12mp dual camera. Its telephoto camera has 2x optical zoom to let you zoom in clearly. And both cameras have optical image stabilisation (OIS) to produce photos that come out beautifully steady even with camera shake. Get the focus you want before you press the shutter button. Live focus lets you take beautiful bokeh shots where you make your subject stand out. And if you’re not entirely satisfied, you always have the option to adjust the level of background blur afterwards. Great photos are just a snap away even when it’s dark. The Galaxy Note8’s wide-angle camera captures more light with its large 1.4µm pixels and bright F1.7 lens, while focusing fast and accurately thanks to the Dual Pixel Sensor. The from camera is 8mp.

With the new S-Pen you can draw your own emojis, make animated GIFs and write handwritten messages on photos. Live message allows you to express your feelings and send them to people you care about. When words aren’t enough, you can say it with your own animated GIF. Use the S Pen’s Smart select feature to select a section of a video and share them with your friends or on social media. You can also select intricate shapes from images to share or paste where you need them. From bullet journaling to serious artwork and everything in between, Samsung Notes gives you the tools. Use the wide selection of brushes, pens, and colours to draw up plans and create your own masterpieces. You can write everything down and pin it to always on display (AOD), which is a really cool feature especially for those trips to the supermarket.

When we need to take notes or when inspiration strikes, our first instinct is to look for a pen. That’s why it made perfect sense for the Galaxy Note series to have the S Pen. The S Pen for the Galaxy Note8 has a 0.7 mm tip that’s fine and precise like your favourite pen, so you can draw and write with accuracy. And if you need to undo, just press the button at the side to turn S Pen into an eraser. Create fine or broad strokes just as you would with a brush. The S Pen has 4096 levels of pressure to more accurately respond to the touch of the pen tip, giving you control whether you’re note-taking or sketching.

There’s 6GB of RAM, either an Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 835 CPU, and 64GB of storage, plus a slot for a microSD card. Expect US owners to get the Snapdragon version while the UK and rest of the world the Exynos one. The Android 7.1.1 software is all but identical to that included with the Galaxy S8.

Preorder now: £869

[image from knowyourmobile, samsung]

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