Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a highly anticipated Xbox game that will be released on the 5th of April 2016. Experience time-amplified action and a suspenseful storyline in Quantum Break, where time is your greatest weapon and the choices you make impact a gripping live action show. As hero Jack Joyce, you’ll fight your way through epic disasters that stutter back and forth in time. But surviving this unstable world – and halting the end of time itself – is only possible by mastering your new time powers. Set in the deceptively idyllic town of Bright Falls, Washington, Alan Wake immerses you in an intense and expansive cinematic world in which you’ll explore hyper-realistic and interactive environments. This mission-based thriller features a deeply psychological, engaging and suspenseful storyline unveiling new twists and profound character revelations at every turn. Guys this is one to definitely check out.

Quantum Break will cost around $60 or £40.

[image from gamespresso.com with info from microsoftstore.com]

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