Pogba cost Man U £89.3 mill and what does he have to show for it?

Paul Pogba plays midfield for Premier League club Manchester United. He joined the club on a five-year contract and cost the club £89.3 million which at that time was a record for highest football transfer fee. He gets bonuses of €5 million, surpassing the former record holder Gareth Bale.

Lets put this into perspective Pogba was bought for more than Gareth Bale (£85.3 mill), Christiano Ronaldo (£80 mill), Neymar from Santos to Barcelona (£72 mill) and others. Lets compare Pogba who someone who we think can never compete with likes Bale or any other top flight footballer. The others are too far ahead but Bale is closer to the kind of fee Paul Pogba went for.

Pogba is in a sorry state at Manchester United and has not really lived up to his £89.3 million fee. He is playing more like someone worth £5 million. He has not come to show that flare he has within him, if its still around neither has he come to score and do what was expected of him.

Paul Pogba stats from first season: 33 appearances for Man U with 5 goals. From 96 shots he has had 32 on target which is 33% shot accuracy. Not worth the £89.3 million in our opinion.

Gareth Bale on his first season: 92 appearances for Real Madrid with 54 goals. Even if you matched Bales appearances or cut the numbers down to match Pogba, Bale would out do him many times. Bale is worth his fee of £85.3 million with the amount he is scoring and doing for Real Madrid.

Pogba has a new season ahead of him to prove himself to the club and its fans and Bale just has to do what he is already doing. Lets see what Pogba can do to prove he is worth the fee signed for this season.

[image from skysports]

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