People are going crazy over these iphone tricks

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphones in the world. The software is smooth and things run well. Many of you have gotten used to your iPhones and use them well with no issues. Some of you may have one or two small complaints which these iPhone tricks we are going to show you may fix.
1] Calculator
How many of you use the calculator and enter a wrong number and have to start all over again? I have. Instead of deleting everything you can delete the number you entered incorrectly by swiping that number to the left of right.
2] A more secure alphanumeric passcode
To add letters and numbers for a passcode is easy to do. This makes your phone more secure and harder to get into.
Go to: Settings app > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode and when prompted to enter a new passcode, tap ‘Passcode Options’.

This then offers you advanced options like opting for the shorter four-digit passcode, or a custom alphanumeric code.

3] Take photos while taking Videos

Don’t stop recording! Just tap the camera button that appears on-screen in addition to the shutter button as you film.

4] Low Power mode to save battery
This one is a life saver. If you are low on battery you can use low power mode. I have done this and it has saved me a couple of times when I really needed my battery the most.

Switch to Low Power Mode: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.

*Low Power Mode reduces consumption by turning off a number of iPhone features. Mail fetches less frequently (push is turned off), Hey Siri is turned off, background app refresh is turned off and some visual effects are reduced. The screen goes dark after a shorter period of inactivity.

5] Do not disturb
Another great feature you should use. It does not play any notifications or loud sounds during the time it is activated.
Do Not Disturb can be activated from the Control Centre; swipe upwards from the Home screen (or from within apps, if you’ve allowed that feature) and tap the crescent moon icon in the top row of options.

A matching moon icon will then appear in the top bar of your iPhone screen. With Do Not Disturb activated, incoming calls and alerts will be silenced.


Settings > Do Not Disturb, you have the ability to set ‘quiet hours’ each day or night.

6] Shake to Undo
If you’ve just typed something and accidentally deleted it you can give your iPhone a shake to bring up the undo/redo dialogue box. Since implementing this feature Apple has added an undo button to the system keyboard but only appears when the iPhone is in landscape mode.
[image from lifehack]

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