Nixie a wearable watch drone that flies off your wrist

Drones are coming in all different shapes and sizes. It would be so cool if you could have a drone that you wear around your wrist like a watch and then let it take off to capture the world with its camera. Nixie can unfold into a quadcopter, fly around to take photos and videos and then return to the user. The Nixie developers secured $500,000 in seed funding to develop Nixie into a product, which is great for us. The developers want this to be the next generation of point and shoot cameras, from what we can see with the level of innovation it certainly has some potential. The Nixie wearable drone looks great and the level of creativity, design and innovation gone into producing it is certainly pushing the boundaries of what we already have on the market.
Nixie is worn as a slap bracelet weighing less than 45 g. It captures full HD images or video, uses an Intel Edison chip and syncs with your smartphone. The overall goal for the project was stated as building a light, portable and user-friendly drone that could serve as a “personal photographer”. The drone was named after a playful water spirit Nixie of Germanic mythology. The Nixie is intended for taking framing-worthy pictures and videos, not only selfies.
Sensors and motion-prediction algorithms are used to guide Nixie along one of four pre-programmed paths for taking photos or video.
  • In a boomerang mode, the drone flies a set distance from its user, takes a photo, and then returns.
  • In a panorama mode, it takes photos to fill a 360° arc.
  • In a follow me mode, it serves as a third-person view camera by trailing the user.
  • In a hover mode, it hovers for use in jib shots and can be controlled from a smartphone.
Type Wearable camera drone
Release date Unknown
Introductory price “Slightly higher than GoPro” (expected)
CPU Intel Edison chip
Graphics 1080p HD images and video
Weight < 45 g (0.1 lb)

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