Mercedes Benz S Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class saloon is one of the most stylish, comfortable and smoothest cars you can find in the world today. This car oozes luxury. The exterior is very luxurious with its long bonnet and modern but highly engineered headlamps. The front of the car is designed with a superior stance and sitting onto of that stance is a Mercedes badge. The rear of the car is very stylish and looks the cost of the car. The rear boot is very practical minus the fridge option in the rear seats that takes up a lot of the boot.

The S Class is a beautiful car with its new and improved look along with its sumptuous interior that’s one of the best i’ve ever seen. The interior is very classy with plush leather seats, a beautiful display on the centre console, great ambient lighting which makes this car a pleasure to sit in and drive. The wide dashboard features a pair of 12.3-inch TFT screens – one for the sat-nav, infotainment and energy use, the other for the speedo, rev counter, trip computer and optional night vision display.

The S Class is a smooth ride gliding effortlessly over bumps, kind of like riding a magic carpet. The seating is fit for a CEO or executive and they recline. You can get a tray table and infotainment screens in the back. You can buy anything from a 3.0litre diesel v6 engine up to 6.0litre v12 engine, so if you guys want a car that is luxurious and one of the best rides you can buy then get the S Class, you cannot go wrong. Prices start from 66k-180k.

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