Men’s Summer Fashion: 7 trends dominating this year

Men's Summer Fashion: 7 trends dominating this year

Summer is approaching once again and this year in the UK it can’t come any quicker, thanks to the crazy winter we all just had. This year we see a cool trend developing and it is all coming back to a simple yet elegant look with cool colours and simple styles. Make sure you get a couple of these items in your wardrobe this year as they can be used throughout the year mixing and matching with other items at different times of the year.

7] Accessories

Fedora hats are back in this year and you can match one of them with almost any outfit your wearing. It can really sharpen up your look. Bracelets are back in especially colourful ones. You can pick different watches to match all the different outfits you’re going to wear and match the strap with the outfits.

6] Shirts

Essential Shirts for Spring/Summer

Essential shirts every man must have

This year cooler essential colours are back in (whites, navy’s, blues and simple colours). Printed shirts like abstract, polka dot and flora are all making a scene. It is always good to have a few of these essentials in your wardrobe as they can be worn with anything throughout the year.

5] Shorts, chinos and Ripped Jeans

It is the same with shorts and chinos this year, with the essential colours dominating. They normally rule every summer the navy, beige, blue and the like. Grab a few and this year and let them dominate your summer style. Jeans are always popular but this summer ripped jeans are more popular. Grab a pair and match it with a white t-shirt or a simple shirt for a really cool look.

The 7 best jeans for men

4] Loafers and trainers

Loafer are a staple for this time of year and if you don’t have a pair you are really missing out on real summer comfort. Loafers can be worn all year round but suede loafer are normally kept for the summer. Check out MrPorter, TOD’S, Car Shoe and others for a great pair. Trains are another everyday item but check out some simple plain colours for trainers like white or black for a good match with your other items.

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Common Projects – Trainers

3] Whites

Plain whites are a trend this year and an all white outfit seems to dominate this trend. Gran a white shirt, t-shirt, trouser, jeans and some white trainers for an all inspiring look. All white can look very good but make sure your in a country when the sun trends to shine a little longer, unlike some countries.

2] Sunglasses

Always a must have and a staple for every person. For sunglasses just make sure they are the right type for your face shape and make sure you really like them, then you can always pull of a look. They can be worn no matter what the outfit but there are some shades that go better than others.

7 of the best sunglasses for men

The right type of sunglasses for 7 different face shapes

1] Striped Blazers and Jackets

Stripped blazers are back in this year and you can not go wrong with a blazer this time of year. You can have a casual shirt with chinos and loafers on and when you need to smarten up for a summer occasion just throw over a blazer. For jackets you can keep them light and appropriate, the colour trend for the season will keep you looking clean.

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Smart Casual Blazer

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