Men travel in style: airport looks

We all travel and love looking forward to going abroad. We pack all our items with careful thought and consideration making sure we tick off everything on our checklist and make sure we have everything before we leave. One thing we must make sure of having done is making sure we are looking good and wear comfortable, stylish clothes to the airport. We men must Travel in Style.

Here are a few items to consider wearing to look good:-

Some comfy joggers or jeans, a casual shirt (make sure you match the shirt material to the season for example:- wear a heavy oxford in the winter and a poplin, chambray or whatever else you fancy in the summer), or some plain coloured T-Shirts as they can really add style when paired with a hoody or jacket. You can add a beanie on top with some nice trainers.






Here are a few looks that you can wear and don’t be afraid of mixing and matching styles to match what you have pictured or would like to wear. You can wear different jackets, t-shirts and items of clothing but this is an idea of what items you can combine to look good. Make sure you are always looking good when traveling.

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