Men never travel without these Travel Essentials

When we men travel, we like to travel with the bare essentials and anything more is just more to carry and slow us down. Men like us know what we want and how we are going to get it. We know where to go and we have all the plans laid out in our minds of how we are going to get there. Who doesn’t like to travel and when we travel we should have a set of essentials we always take with us. These essentials are literally “essentials” and we can’t really travel without them, they are stylish, smart and manly.


No matter where you travel or where you go you always need a pair of stylish sunglasses that you can always rely on. Ray-Ban are a brand that are known for making the best sunglasses in the market and they will never let you down. There are many options to choose from but these Ray-Ban aviators are the pick of the bunch and a strong choice. They will not let you down as they can be worn with any outfit.


When it comes to traveling everybody thinks of downloading all the latest movies onto their smartphones and when you travel you know you need a great pair of headphones that will do you some service. You all know Beats by Dr Dre now owned by Apple, these are the best headphones money can buy. They are strong, reliable and sharp, music flows so smoothly and crisp out of these headphone that you wish you would have bought them sooner. Get a pair to add some real class to your look.

Weekend Bag or Cabin suitcase

When we travel we like to travel light and take only the bare essentials. You can pick between these above two to carry around your possessions. Weekend bags are stylish and dapper, they say your a young single bloke who enjoys life but when you fill them up to the max and you have to carry them around all over the airport and the country you are visiting it gets heavy and you wish you had a cabin suitcase to roll around.

Cabin suitcases are great and practical you can fill them up and not worry about carrying them around from place to place as you can just roll it around. Believe me when you have a heavy weekend bag and are walking to your gate in a big airport you wish you would have a cabin suitcase unless you are going away for a short amount of time and have packed light.


When you travel and go away on short breaks we tend get the cheapest flight deals and not all planes have tv screens on the back of their seats especially short hop planes like EasyJet or Monarch. Having a tablet with all your movies on can really be a life saver and now with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix allowing you to now download content onto your tablet or smartphone makes it essential and gives you all the more reason to get a tablet for travelling. You can thank us later.


When you travel make sure you travel in style and in comfort. When we travel we really don’t like wearing anything uncomfortable as you have to get a ride to the airport, hang around catch your flight which can be long and then do the same on the other side. So its better to be comfortable travelling and joggers of course offer that comfort.

Men travel in style: airport looks

Passport wallet

When you travel you put your passport in your pocket with other items and when you get it out it takes a second to find it and when you get your boarding pass and put in you pocket with the passport it all becomes a little too much at times. To make things easier for yourself get a passport wallet, it will hold all your items and make it easier for you when you need all your essential documents.

Toiletry Bag

Im sure every man already has a toiletry bag but just in case you don’t here is why you should get one. When traveling you need somewhere to put all your grooming/cleaning essentials and where else would you put them if you did not have a toiletry bag. You can put your toothpaste, toothbrush that you use, razors, cotton buds, aftershaves and just about anything else.

You don’t have to worry about your clothes getting messed up if anything leaks as it will all be in the toiletry bag. You don’t have to worry about putting a wet toothbrush in your suitcase anymore also as it will be in your toiletry bag. It is also a convenient way to get all your items in one go and carry them around. So if you don’t have one get one.

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