McLaren P1

McLaren have really created a beautiful, clever supercar that is very smart and packed with technology that has left other car brands behind. This beast of a car has 903bhp that can do 0-60mph in a whopping 2.8 seconds with a combined mpg of 34.0. This car only weighs 1395kg so it really does fly. The interior is quality with leather seats, quality metals and has all the latest tech which allows you to adjust suspension and much more.

The car looks impressive and I’m sure has been designed to really make this car air resistant and quick. The front looks impeccable and really smooth. The design is something out of this world, with the slick headlight and the nostrils in the bonnet that curves round the from of the car. The rear is as cool as you can get. The thin line like rear headlights swoop in and out of the back and the exhaust is a rocket, you would not want to be in the way of that when it fires. Overall it’s a 5/5 of design.

The bodywork is ‘shrink-wrapped’ as tightly as possible over the mechanical hard points of the car and the cockpit sits right at the centre. This approach helps to reduce frontal surface area, but also makes it easier to manage airflow over the surface of the bodywork and into the engine’s roof snorkel intake and to the active aero components. It looks awesome, and it works very efficiently.

The interior is nice and simple with a sweeping centre console. Good wasn’t good enough for the McLaren P1, which is why we produced special lightweight seats with ultra-thin carbon fibre shells. Despite their low-mass construction, they are supremely strong, yet comfortable for longer journeys. The seats are mounted on lightweight brackets and their backs are fixed at an optimum 28-degree angle (although 32 degrees can be specified to increase helmet space). The finished seats weigh just 10.5kg each.

Probably the most advanced suspension system ever fitted to a road car, RCC uses independent hydro-pneumatic control of spring rate and damping at each wheel. This enables both roll and pitch to be countered and controlled, allowing the McLaren P1 to combine outstanding body control and flat cornering. RCC also enables the car’s ride height to be altered when required, with Race mode lowering the body by 50mm and increasing spring stiffness by 300 per cent.

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