Lexus LFA

Lexus are known to be a luxurious brand who create beautiful cars that are strong and reliable. The Lexus LFA is the result of ten years of dreaming, innovating, designing and engineering. The LFA is designed very well with a sleek, aerodynamic body which pushes the boundaries of what is possible to the limit. It has a bespoke, hand-built, 4.8-litre V10 naturally aspirated engine which can do 0-100kmh in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 325kmh. The interior is gorgeous and comes with luxurious leather seats, a cockpit that sweeps around you , a steering wheel thats got a hint of Ferrari about it and is completely packed with top technology. There were only 500 made in the world and they cost $375,000.


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From the front of this car it does not look that great. It looks like a car that has not had much thought about design and lacks creativity. Looking at the gap between the bonnet and bumper along with the eye like headlamps it’s off putting. The rear on the other hand is great with the triple exhaust and the flat design. “The LFA’s Chief Engineer, Haruhiko Tanahashi describes the nape hair-raising sound of the car as, “The roar of an angel.” And that thrilling roar is no accident. Working in conjunction with Yamaha’s musical instrument division, engineers tuned the LFA’s engine note to a pleasingly perfect pitch, using uniquely shaped ribs in the intake manifold cover.”

The interior looks very nice. The dramatic, low-slung cockpit of the LFA was hand-assembled in the finest materials. Dominating the instrument cluster is a single gauge – the animated tachometer. Employing a laptop-type TFT display, it can change its appearance, depending on driving mode. As the LFA shifts into high performance sport mode, display numbers become bigger and bolder, the face fluidly swaps around and the redline moves to the top of the dial.

Like all masterpieces, every V10 engine was hand-built and signed by the individual engineer from the dedicated Lexus team responsible for the LFA. This same group of automotive visionaries patiently and meticulously crafted every one of these peerless supercars. In their quest for perfection, they’ve developed innovative techniques and materials that are filtering through to other cars in the Lexus range.

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