Lamborghini Huracan

This Lamborghini is a pleasure to look at with its smooth yet vigorous design. It’s fast, loud, smooth, handles well and a stunner to drive. It has a v10, 602bhp with 0-60mph in a blistering 3.2 seconds, what more could a man need. It has a fighter jet style interior similar to the Aventador modal and has loads of buttons to press. If you would like to feel like a superhero then you need a Lamborghini Huracan.

The exterior is stunning and looks compact. The low riding Huracan has a sloped bonnet with the slightest of contours and small pointed headlights that make the car look very quick. The front bumper adds to the overall attraction. The rear is something else and Lamborghini have done very well with it once again. The double twin exhausts along with the futuristic rear look very good and make the car very unique.

The interior fully reflects the character of the Huracán Performante, that is to say being the fastest. The interior fittings are made from the highest quality materials: the seats are made of carbon fiber, the interior parts of Forged Composites, and the upholstery is made from Alcantara. All extremely light materials which contribute to and increase performance.

The interior is Lamborghini and if you are a passionate fan of this coveted car brand then you know what we are talking about. We love the interior the amount of colour options for the leather is impressive and the overall option list is quick pricey. The amount of buttons on the centre console is amazing and it makes you feel like you are sitting in a fighter jet and we love that feeling. Everything about the way the car works and operates along with the responsive well designed dashboard is amazing. This car is superb.

Price £180,720; Engine V10, 5204cc, petrol; Power 602bhp at 8250rpm; Torque 413lb ft at 6500rpm; Gearbox 7-spd dual-clutch automatic  0-62mph 3.2sec Top speed202mph; CO2 290g/km, 37%

[picture from, autoblog, motortrend]

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