Is this the best hatchback ever? The Volkswagen Golf R Line

If your looking for the a car that has everything you need like speed, looks, comfort and performance then this is the best hatchback you can buy, you will never need another car once you have one of these. This car has it all, great reliability, good looks, all the latest tech with up to date controls and a great Sat Nav along with 5 doors and plenty of room for passenger in the back. This Golf 2.0litre TDI has a top speed of 134mph with 0-60mph in 8.6 seconds and a combined mpg of 65.7 miles which is very impressive. Guys this car is one of the best hatchbacks you can every have (Jeremy Clarkson says the same) and is one that is good looking turning heads road. The Volkswagen Golf R line is one to definitely consider buying when shopping for the perfect affordable car.

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