How to really lose belly fat!

How to lose belly fat? How to lose weight quickly? These are questions we all ask and one’s that are on everybody’s mind. You may be a office worker, politician, lawyer, super model or just about anything else but this is one question that is on our mind. In this day and age to lost fat and be as fit as possible is a huge part of life and having a healthy body is the most important thing to all of us as it enables us to live our life in the best possible way.

I’m sure you have read just about everything on this topic and from many different websites that tell you you should do this and that and buy this book from us and and that book from them, blah blah blah…… You may have already lost hope in some of them.

To be healthy is a great thing as it can prevent so many health issues that come from eating to much like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems and many more. A lot of  diseases come from the stomach and controlling what you eat is the best thing for you.

Now to lose fat you may have heard of people saying take this tea and that pill, or have this medicine and buy that shake. Let me tell you that its all nonsense, they are just money making schemes that do not work. Never waste your money buying all that rubbish, it will only cause harm to your body and they pay celebrities so much money to endorse their product just so they can make a few bucks.

Now to lose fat takes some self control and discipline, you need it to achieve goals in life and many other things also. To gain self control and discipline in this case you need to stop eating that which is unhealthy and control urges to eat the wrong kind of food like pizza, chips, kebabs, sweets, cakes and all the other high fat and high sugar foods. I’m not saying stop all of them altogether but have everything in moderation.

To try and control yourself say you are eating 10 pieces of junk food this week, next week you would eat 9 pieces and so on but if that is too much to quick then eat 9 pieces the next month and 8 the month after and go down till you can control your self easily. Never give up everything at once in any addiction or habit as you will only come back and you will have to start all over again. You must work down in manageable, bite size periods.


Now to really see results you need a healthy meal plan with some of those foods you enjoy but have them once a week or once a month depending on you and what your level of control is. Everybody is different and everybody has different strengths so there is no shame in the level of control. Seriously. With just eating right it makes the world of difference.

Then you should go out and exercise or talk walks through greenery like parks or whatever you fancy and whatever is right for you. Its important to get some fresh air and exercising everyday its very healthy. I know someone that enjoys playing golf and the fresh air and long walks is enough for them.

One thing that is highly recommend is intermittent fasting. So every Monday and Thursday you should fast from sunrise to sunset and if that is too much, fast as much as you can throughout the day. If its causing issues with health or if your sugar gets low then its better to leave intermittent fasting out as your health comes first. Intermittent fasting has very important health benefits and it rejuvenates your organs like your liver.

With these points mentioned above you will be naturally, healthily, and safely cutting your weight down. But this is just a guideline and go with whatever you are most comfortable with as you and your health come first.

Never neglect your health. Eat the best foods, live the best life, have the best of everything you can afford as long as you do it in a humble way, by that I mean not showing off with what god has granted you. Be grateful for the life you have and pray god helps those who are less fortunate and protects you from their misfortune.

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