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Guys you can make some extra money in many ways and in this section we will outline a few of the best ways to earn some extra income. Some ways will require you to spend some money to make money and some will require nothing except your will and desire.

Lets get Started:-

In this day and age mobile applications are a big way to earn some income as everyone has a smartphone where they can download apps. If you have a great app many of your friends will share your app with with their friends causing a buzz to form around your app, increasing downloads. If you create a great app you can even get it featured on the apple app store or google play store (they copy apple:- in whoever apple features google will feature).

To create an app you need a good idea, these can come from problems you are having that you could solve with an app or a great idea you have.

You can make all sorts of apps a few examples below:-

Gaming apps

Make and app with your favourite celebs and the ones you don’t like and throw a pie at the one you don’t like.


Business apps

Make an app on all the local businesses that are in your area.



Make an app for Kids that will test their brains on simple sums.



Make and app on the new games or movies that are soon to come out.



You could make an app on the stocks and shares.


Health and wellness

Make a calorie counter or how much food you should eat and what you should eat.


IM (instant messaging) and Social Networking

Make the next big social network.


Maps and Navigation

Make a worldwide map so if you can go abroad you can use the app to get around, make it work offline aswell.


Photo and video

Take photos from where ever you go in the world and make an app that allows everybody to see them for a small cost.



If you are a good designer why not make a theme to share with people all over the world.

There are many more categories you can make apps on.

The best way to make an app is to learn to code your self, it does not take long and you could pick it up easily within 3 months spending 2-4 hours a day learning to code.

A few ways you could learn:

  • Buy the Big Nerd Ranch guide to iOS development/Android
  • Teamtreehouse is one of the best sites for learning coding starting at $25 a month. You could learn any programming language you like on the site from android, php, iOS, swift to java and just about everything else in clear easy to understand steps. They start with beginner videos and start with basics that you can easily pick up and they move you up through different courses so you will have done all the necessary steps in the language to get up and running.  I highly recommend this way to learn coding, you’ll be up to scratch in no time. Please support us and go through this link or click banner below. You will get a free trial through this link and you can cancel your subscription anytime even if you don’t want to continue after the free trial just go to your accounts page and cancel or pause your subscription until your ready to come back.
  • Youtube videos like below

With the three above steps combined you will be up and running in no time and be skilled enough to take your dream job in programming. We personally know of people using the above methods who have landed high paying developer jobs.

The other way is to hire a company to develop an app for you, this can cost so much money and not all companies are reliable and will be after your money as your money will be their only goal. You seriously need to do research before spending any money and look for track records of great apps and customer reviews. Make sure the company you pick can get the job done and not just say yes to get the job.

If you think you can make a good app then go ahead and make one (email us and let us know, if it is any good we may feature it), make any app that you think people will buy. You could look for a gap in the app world (see what’s missing) and create something to fill that gap and that will have the potential to make you some money.

So if you are bored during your holidays design an app and if you think its good enough you could email apple to feature your app on the app store.

Email apple here:-

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