How to make money – Buy and Sell

Buying and Selling is the best way to make some extra income. Buying and selling has been going on for centuries and is a very profitable if done with the right products. You could look at whats really popular in this day and age like clothing, mobile phones, laptops, branded items and things generally needed by people and buy a small amount of them. Then you could sell them for more than you bought them on places like eBay, Amazon or other online auction sites.

In todays world having an online store is much better than a bricks and mortar shop as you save a huge amount of money on things like rent, bills, equipment and supplies. You can also have more sales online as more and more people are shopping online. If you would like a bricks and mortar shop you should start out with a small stall in your town centre, then a small store, a bigger store and then move onto a second store etc.

Many people buy and sell items like designer clothes, Mac books, Samsung mobile devices, iPhones and different kinds of mobile accessories. Selling these on eBay can be lucrative with some people turning over £40k + a year. So it is something to consider if you would like to earn some extra income.

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