How to get more readers to your blog

how to get more readers to your blog

Would you like more readers to your blog?

Would you like more traffic to your blog?

If so then carry on reading and we will show you how to get more readers and traffic to your blog.

1] Make sure your content is search engine optimised (SEO)

This means making sure you have the right keywords in your title and article that you would like to be ranked for. So lets say you would like to be ranked for the keyword “Audi”, this is a very popular keyword and to be ranked for it you need to have it in your title and throughout your article. When you write a title make sure the title is for readers not just search engines and make sure your article is informative and not just gibberish to get ranked. This won’t work.

Popular keywords do take more time to rank for rather than less popular keywords which you could be ranked for a lot quicker. If your a new blog it could take up to a year to rank for popular keywords and 6-9 months for other less popular keywords. This is because new blogs take time to gain authority and Google’s trust. If you are an already established blog then it could take a day or a few days.

So to make sure your title is on point make sure you research your title by typing it into google to see similar titles, that will give you a guideline of what is searched for.

2] Create amazing content

This is the best way to get more readers to your blog and ultimately more traffic. If you are passionate about what you love and write about it with passion then readers will come. Make sure the content you post is useful and helpful and make sure it’s what you enjoy writing about. Great content means that you can relax knowing you have done your best and the readers will come. IT TAKES TIME.

3] Post your content on Social Media

A great way to get more people to your blog is to post your content on social media. That way your current followers will start reading your blog and they may also share your content with their own personal networks. Social media content can spread like wildfire, so it’s important to post your blog content on different social media networks. Someone may stumble across your post and share it on their page making it go viral. Anything can happen, so its great to post onto as many social media sites as possible. Keep your options open and get social.

4]Make it easy to share your content

Make sure you have social share buttons on each blog post and page. If you make it easy for people to share your blog posts then there is a chance someone may share it. If you stumbled across a site that had no social share buttons would you take the time out to share the article on your favourite social networks?

Add them to your blog and watch readers and traffic come in.

5] Become a Guest Blogger on Other Blogs
One way to promote your own blog is to pinpoint a handful of already well-established and successful blogs that target the same audience, and offer to be a guest blogger for those blogs. In exchange for your articles or blog posts, you can add a link back to your blog. This will give you some credibility and any incoming links to your blog will get noticed by google that may rank you higher.

6] Blog regularly 

Having a regular blog schedule is liked by google and can get your more readers. Google bots will come more to an active site that publishes regularly than one that doesn’t. So you could get a lot more traffic if you blog more often and on the same schedule.

If you are a new blog it will take time for you get recognized by Google and to gain any authority and trust as you are a new blog.  It can take 6-12 months to get ranked for keywords depending on their popularity for a new blog. 6 months for less competitive keywords and 12 months for more competitive keywords. If you are an established blog it could take days or a couple of weeks to rank for them due to the fact that you have been around for some time and your domain has some authority.


One more point is that organic search engine traffic is much better than any other kind of traffic as that means your keywords are starting to rank and you can expect a consistent, increasing amount of traffic over a period of time. Don’t pay for traffic as that can be caught by google and possible harm your website. It would be odd to see thousands of visitors to your site in a small period of time and then nothing for a long period of time. It is better to wait and let your hard work pay off it’s more satisfying.

See more in the article below for more.

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