How to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing

How to find out your partner's ring size without them knowing

Paul Mantessi is a gemologist at the pre-owned jewellery specialist Est. 1897. Here, he shares his top tips for working out your partner’s ring size without them knowing.

So, you’re ready to get down on one knee and propose. You’ve probably found the perfect location, and it’s likely you know exactly what your partner would like their ring to look like. Now, all you have to do is work out what size ring you need to buy.

Of course, you won’t want to spoil the surprise by asking them outright, so you’re going to have to be sneaky about it. Here, we’re going to give you a few ways you can go about learning your partner’s ring size.

Take one of their existing rings to a jeweller

If your partner likes to wear rings on a regular basis, you’re on to a winner. If you can grab one and take it to a jeweller, they’ll be able to get an accurate idea of their ring size for you. Of course, in an ideal world, you would be able to borrow a ring that they wear on their left ring finger, but most people will reserve this space for when they’re engaged or married. Fortunately, as long as you have an idea of which finger your partner wears their ring on, an experienced jeweller should be able to make an estimation based on this.

If you’re worried that swiping one of their rings for the day might get you caught, you can also trace the inside and outside of the jewellery on some paper and take this to the jeweller instead.

Ask their friends to help

While asking your partner about their ring size might tip them off to what you’re planning, getting a friend to ask them will be much more likely to fly under the radar. You could even get them to take your significant other engagement ring shopping for fun. A jeweller will measure their fingers during the process, and their friend will be able to report back to you.

Measure their finger while they’re sleeping

If your significant other is a heavy sleeper, use this to your advantage and measure their finger while they’re snoozing. You can do this with a specialised ring sizing tool, a tape measure, or a piece of string. In a pinch, you could even use the wire of your earphones. Simply make two marks on the wire to show the circumference of your partner’s finger, and then measure the space between them with a ruler. You can then take this measurement to a jeweller.

Buying the right sized ring for someone else isn’t always easy but, when you’re looking to propose, it’s bound to be worth it. If you want to present them with a ring they can wear from the word “yes”, you’ll have to be stealthy. Luckily, these three tips should help you to do just that.

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