How Instagram Influencers Can Grow your Ecommerce Brand

instagram influencers

In order to properly utilize Instagram Influencers, it’s important to know what exactly that means. Unlike Facebook, where you have to send someone a friend request that, in turn, must be accepted before you and your “friend” can interact online, Instagram is set up where anyone can “follow” a public profile and see their stories and posts any time they choose.


Instagram influencers are people who, either through good content, good fortune, or a good work ethic have garnered enough “followers” to have a legitimate market of individuals to gear content towards. Determining how many followers makes your potential Instagram Influencer legitimate is up to you, but generally a few thousand should be a bare minimum if deciding to partner with an Instagram influencer for marketing purposes. Some accounts have literally millions of followers and thus an enormous audience.


Instagram – The Billboard of the Tech Era


Long before smartphones, successful marketing strategies meant getting your message heard or seen by the largest amount of people. Billboards still very much exist, but they have taken a back seat to the digital marketing world, as millions of people can be reached with the click of a button.


Just as a billboard next to a busy rush hour highway is going to cost more than one on a rural road, big name social influencers will cost a pretty penny as well, but research has proven that social media advertising is the place to market in 2020. Companies spent $8 billion on social influencer marketing in 2019, and it is expected to double by the year 2022.


Four out of five brands paid for Instagram marketing in 2019, and the one out of five that didn’t certainly missed an opportunity.


For Creating Intrigue & Hype, Instagram Influencers Are the Source


This part is primarily relevant to new products, and “hyping them up” prior to their market release. Utilizing Instagram influencers is a great way to show a real (i.e., not an actor) person that your customers can relate to using your product, and probably “loving it” (or at least saying so once you show them a few bucks).


When paying for a billboard or television ad, the best secondary reach you can hope for is that caused by word of mouth from the people who saw your ad. Unless it’s a really, really good ad, your odds of extending your audience beyond those people who saw the ad are pretty low. With social influencers, all of the thousands or millions of Instagram users who see your product being used can simply hit a button to “follow” your product’s page or to “Share” the post to their own pages, immediately making your investment reach much further than just the followers of the Influencer you partner with.


Don’t Be a Blind Marketer! Use Analytics to Track Your Results


Even more than with regular web content, utilizing analytics from social media is paramount for ensuring your influencer investments are paying dividends. With social media, reading feedback and the different interactions regarding content centered around your product is an instantaneous way of determining what people think about said product.


Some social influencers have a wide, wide reach of millions of followers, but others have “cornered” a more niche social media market, and finding these influencers can prove even more beneficial than some million-follower influencers. Some product areas with an extra-large niche Instagram market are wellness products, health items, travel gear, and outdoor equipment.


Sold? Okay, Here’s How to Find Instagram Influencers


In most product cases, Instagram marketing should be at the top of your list of advertisement plans, but where do you start looking?


Number of followers isn’t the only thing that should be looked at when deciding to work with a social influencer, as many people with a ton of followers are just famous or notorious but don’t really have much “influence” in the way they utilize their social media pages. Looking at how often influencers actually interact with the people posting on their page is a great way to determine if they are just famous-and-followed or actually someone worth working with in an advertising venue.


When it comes to an ex, Instagram stalking is a weird, but when it comes to seeing who your competitors are reaching out to for Instagram influence, it’s more than a fair and just move to do a little snooping. Classic “first steps” like searching Google for things like “top Instagrams for people who like [insert your product here]” are also simple but successful strategies for narrowing your search of Instagram Influencers and ultimately choosing one (or a few!) to work with.

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