Habits of a stylish well groomed man

Taking pride in how you look is one of the most important things for you and your self confidence. It shows your a man who takes the time to look after himself. The way people see you will also be different, they will notice your sense of style and you will look attractive in their eyes. A well presented man that has nailed the habits below will know exactly what we are talking about.

1] Keep a fresh cut:- See a barber every 2-4 weeks.

Having a fresh cut and keeping your hair neat and tidy are very important in looking good. It completes the look. Neglect your hair and do everything else right will keep all focus on your hair. Make sure its kept tidy.

2] Keep facial hair tidy

Make sure your facial hair does not get out of control. Having untidy facial hair comes across as not caring about oneself. Neat and tidy facial looks good and completes a look. Experiment with what suits your face.

3] Wear the right aftershave and not too much 

Pick out a scent that you really like and stick to it. Having to many aftershaves can be troublesome as you would not know what to wear when. Pick one for the winter thats musky/ earthy and a floral light scent for the summer. Nobody likes a man who smells horrible or wears too much aftershave, it’s off putting. Make sure you smell good.

4] Keep dental and oral hygiene

Make sure you take good care of your teeth. Brush regularly and use a electric toothbrush like a oral b series 6000 and above they are the best electric toothbrushes. Make sure you try and keep your teeth clean and floss. Teeth and nails are one of the first things people notice about you.

5] Look after your skin

Make sure your skin is clean and well looked after. Drink plenty of water and use moisturizer to keep your skin clean and healthy. The best way to look after your skin is to drink plenty of water as that will keep your skin clean and glowing.

6] Keep nails trimmed

It’s really unpleasant when you see a guy with nails that are out of control. Keeping your nails trimmed and clean make a huge difference to peoples opinion about you.  Teeth and nails are one of the first things people notice about you.

7] Avoid bad habits like smoking, spitting , swearing a lot and anything else that you would find unattractive

” “Smoking is probably the most damaging thing a man can do to his skin besides exposing it to the sun and excess sugar,” says dermatologist Dr. David Orentreich. Why? Because smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, which means tissues get less oxygen, leading to a sallow complexion and impaired wound healing.

Too much booze is bad news, too. “Heavy drinkers have a redder, ruddier complexion because alcohol dilates the capillaries under the skin and leads to greater blood vessel formation,” explains Orentreich.” fashionbeans.com

These bad habits are really unattractive and people who see you do them leaves a bad first time impression of you. This can be harmful for any relationship with them business or pleasure. Women or anyone in general dislike men with bad habits.

Good habits and a great character are the best look for any man.

8] Invest in clothing pieces that are stylish not fashionable

Fashion passes and is seasonal so buying a fashionable piece limits you. Buying a stylish piece transcends all fashion and can be worn in any season. You will always look good in stylish pieces. So a dark pair of denim, a well cut oxford shirt and a sharp cardigan or blazer will look very stylish.

9] Invest in a great pair of shoes and great footwear

Wearing a great pair of shoes adds a different element to your look and it is one of the first things people will look at. Make sure you buy a nice pair of shoes or loafers to complete your look. Always buy a well made, stylish pieces of footwear.

10] Make sure your clothing fits well

No matter how much you spend or how beautiful the clothing, if your clothes are cut badly, they will look terrible. Make sure your clothing is tailored to your body shape believe us it makes all the difference. It will also give you that confidence your looking for. Look after your clothing washing and repairing them when needed.

11] Know your fabrics

Make sure your clothing are 100% composed of quality fabrics!!! Makes sure you avoid acrylic, nylon and the other cheap fabrics. Buy the best 100% cotton, wools, cashmere, merino and 100% quality fabrics!!


12] Wear the right undergarments

Buy quality undergarments. Make sure they are not tight but fit well and a little loose.

13] The tiny accessory details matter

Make sure you are wearing the right colour belt and shoes with your suit. Make sure your tie matches, they say the tie should be the same colour as the inside of your suit jacket. Make sure you have a great watch on and the right cufflinks. Make sure the pocket square matches. All these small details make up your look and if they are off your look will be off.

[image from http://davidjamesgandy.blogspot.co.uk]

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