Gym Intro (important)

It’s important to remember when in the gym you have to work hard on every rep and lift the weight in proper form otherwise your workout is futile. Work till you can’t lift anymore but you have to push yourself and not give up too easily. As they say NO PAIN NO GAIN!

You can lift heavy with less reps for building that muscle or lift weight that you can do for 10+ reps for strength and endurance.

When you workout make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water also be sure not to take long breaks, 30-60seconds normally but if lifting heavier than around 90-120 seconds should be fine any more might be too long and your muscles will calm down.


In this section we are going to focus on 6 parts of the body.







Now most online magazines I find don’t tell you what to do and how to do it they rumble on and on about this is what you want to achieve and the only way to achieve it is if you read this book or buy this product but I’m just going to cut to the chase work hard and eat hard. I will tell you what exercises to do them, how many sets in each exercise and how to do them.

These sets in each exercise that I have put down are for you guys to build up and get ripped at the same time. It also makes you get comfortable on the weight before you move up the next week.

So make sure you don’t exceed your limits and stick the weight you can do, if you can’t move up the following week by a kg or 2 then do the same exercise again and again till you are comfortable and feel you are ready to move up. In order to get stronger you will need to work hard in the gym making sure you drink plenty of water and eat every 4 hours, stick to the exercises and meal plans and you will see results. If you slack in the gym and follow the meal plan then you will see fat because you are not feeding your muscle your feeding your belly.


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