Guide to buying the best private jet

We would all love to own a private jet but do we really know what jet we would buy. This is a guide to buying the best private jet for you and your needs. Private jets are associated with the super rich and somewhat of a dream for us ordinary people but what stops us from knowing about jets and picturing us in one.

Private Jets come in all different shapes and sizes and each jet is designed for carrying a certain number of passenger and travel a certain distance. The smaller the jet the less passengers it can carry and the less distance it can travel, speed is not so much of an issue with different sized medium to large jets.

Lets look at the below example which shows the size of the jet, the number of passengers and the distance it can travel. This example is of the Gulfstream jets.

Then with these jets lets look at how far they can travel if the starting destination was London, England, United Kingdom.

You can also buy jets that are second hand and older that can do the same distance as what you see above but for a fraction of the cost. These jets range in price from $24 million dollars for the smallest jet – $67 million dollars for the largest jet.

There are some amazing jet manufactures that create some of the great jets that can do the milage along with an exquisite interior with the latest technology like wifi, smartphone charging ports, touchscreen entertainment screens with the latest softwares and much more.

This is the new Dassault Falcon 8x which is breaking boundaries in range, technology and interior.

The jets are luxurious and part of the elite class of people, as you can see they are just beautiful. So if you need a jet with long range you can go for the larger jets but if you need an everyday run around then go for the smaller ones. Also second hand jets are more affordable, they have great interior and you can get the range you need but the new interior technologies will be lacking.

Some of the best private jet makers are Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cassna, Dassault Falcon and Boeing.

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