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You’re exited because you are just about to start a new blog, news site or a site just to share what matters to you and you hope to be really popular with loads of traffic and earn lots of money. This can happen but after lots of hard work and years of persistence. A lot of people don’t have this kind of time and give up after not seeing results after a few months or years.

If you start a new blog it takes a lot of time to rank on google and to get your content discovered. You have to spend countless hours learning about or paying a lot of money to someone for SEO, backlinks, on site optimisation, meta descriptions, tags, hosting, domain registration and much more. You then have to wait months or years with a lot of hoping and wishing to make sure that Google finally sends tons of organic traffic to your website. People give up after a few months of not seeing any results and sometimes it takes years to get any meaningful traffic at all. In comes…..

Buzziter! A new social network (beta version) that we came across and one that really caught our eye. This is a social network that helps you get your content discovered easily. At the moment Buzziter allows you to post content with no word limits along with a picture and then a user that enjoys the content can like, repost and comment their thoughts. How easy is it now for your quality content to get more attention with the repost option. When a user reposts a post that post is reposted onto their profile so all their followers can see that post and continue to repost it.

As you create posts you can add hashtags and mentions (@username). The most popular hashtags are shown in the Buzzing section. Imagine mentioning a popular user and then them reposting your post. You can also follow users and they can follow you allowing you to keep connected to your interests.

Your content is valuable and valuable content deserves to be discovered. There is a world page that displays posts with a certain number of likes allowing users to see content that they may not have otherwise have come across.

You can follow other users who post great content and have other users follow you – this way everyone can keep updated on what matters to them. You can click on any buzzing hashtag to see all posts related to that hashtag which allows you to discover other users with the same interests as you. If you like any post and want to see it later it can be accessed from your profile by clicking on likes. This is where all the posts you like will display.

You profile is yours and here you can change you profile picture, say a little about you and add a link to your website. You can see who follows you and who you follow and see all the posts you have created. If there is a user you like you can direct message them and all of your likes, reposts and followers will be displayed in your notifications sections so you won’t miss a thing.

Join Buzziter. You won’t have to every pay a penny to register a domain – (you can have one if you want and add a link to your site in your profile section) – as you can pick a username and a screen name. You won’t ever pay for hosting fees as they cover all of the hosting so you can grow without worrying about how to scale so you can continue to create great content and enjoy the results of your hard work with more popularity and attention. Get discovered easily with hashtags, the world page, followers and more.

Remember Buzziter is new and it will continue to evolve as more bloggers, news sharers, content creators, artists and others join the network. It will continue to update and add more features.

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