Ferrari F12tdf review

Ferrari are know to make amazing cars that are good looking, strong and very very fast. They have created some of the finest cars the world has ever seen and this Ferrari F12tdf does not fall short in fact it enhances the brand in our eyes.

This is pure automotive elegance and nothing less. The statistics are that power from the 6.3-litre naturally aspirated V12 is up to 769bhp at 8500rpm (from 730bhp) and 520lb ft at 6750rpm (from 509lb ft), the 7-speed dual clutch transmission cuts shift time by 30-percent on upshifts and 40-percent on downshifts and the gear ratios themselves are shorter by 6-percent. Ferrari claim the tdf reaches 62mph from rest in 2.9-seconds and 124mph in 7.1-seconds. The top speed is ‘over 211mph’. MIND BLOWING!

The shape and design of the car is something new, it looks a lot better and has more cuts and holes increasing airflow around the car in the right areas and taking in air and letting it out the rear of the car making your chances of driving faster and smoother a lot better.

Its lighter, more powerful and its showcasing a new four-wheel steering system but unencumbered by weighty hybrid technology or turbocharging, it should be the purest form of Ferrari right now.

The rear looks amazing, it’s hard to find a better looking supercar. The twin exhaust and over all Ferrari design looks super. Ferrari never really let you down when creating something innovative and breathtaking. Their design team is always creating great designs that are hard to beat.

In regards to the interior and technology its much like the F12 and has bluetooth connectivity, wireless streaming, harmon kardon speakers, infotainment system with sat nav and a lot more so you will get a truly great car.

Ferrari will produce 799 of the F12tdf at £339,000.

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