Ferrari 488 GTB

Guys, the Ferrari 488 GTB is a beast of a car, one that turns heads no matter where your are or what your doing. Ferrari are know for creating some of the best quality, best looking and quickest cars on the planet. All these things are down to the high standard engineering and quality testing Ferrari do to ensure that the car is designed for the maximum efficiency and every design is created to increase speed and reduce drag. This beautiful car is a result of all the hard work and years of designing and testing Ferrari have done. Kudos to them.

This car looks great. Ferrari have done a great job with the looks, the long sweeping headlights with the low converging bonnet with contours on both sides make this car look like a attractive, aggressive machine. I would not be surprised if this turns into a transformer. What i like about the rear is that it is simple and unequivocally Ferrari. The round tail lights and twin exhausts are features adding to the overall attractive factor.

The interior is something else. The car is very well made and the interior lets you know you are sitting in something expensive, everything feels well made and high quality. As you know Ferrari love keeping things simple and not most functions are the on the steering wheel. Turning the steering wheel and operating the signals is a little annoying. Otherwise everything else is good you can connect your smartphone and the infotainment system on the dash is very good.

It has a new turbocharged 3.9 litre engine with 661bhp and a rev range between 6200rpm – 8000rpm. It has great steering and is very quick with 34 more bhp (break horse power) than a McLaren.

If you guys are shopping for an elegant but very fast car then this Ferrari is a car for you coming in at ££183,974.

Price £183,974; Engine V8, 3902cc, twin-turbocharged, petrol;Power 661bhp at 6200-8000rpm; Torque 561lb ft at 3000rpm;Gearbox seven-speed dual-clutch automatic; Top speed 205mph; 0-62mph 3.0sec.

[image from, caranddriver, cnet]

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