F2Freestylers are Football freestylers that after spending years mastering every single technique in football..shooting, passing, freestyle, ball control, tricks, finishing, dribbling, skills, accuracy…have taken to the main stage to freestyle with and against top profession footballers. The want to inspire every single person that loves & plays football, no matter how good or bad they maybe. They say “Practice works! And that applies to all walks of life not just football. No matter what it is that you want to achieve, if you are willing to dedicate yourself to put the hours of hard work in, then there is nothing you can not achieve. Follow your passion, visualise what you want to be able to do & work tirelessly to get there! “

These 2 guys are a real inspiration and create some truly great content for their viewers not only displaying their skills but skills of top professional sports stars like Neymar Jr, Lewis Hamilton, Van Persie and many more. They make some great videos if your looking to become a better footballer or just enjoy some crazy skill or as they say “mad tekkers”, their videos will help pass time and keep you discombobulated with some of their skill.

Check them out here:


[image from youtube.com with some info taken from their channel]

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