A drone that flies people around

Drones recently have become serious business. People everywhere love drones and they are becoming more common due to their very affordable prices. You can use them to record high quality arial footage for vlogs or TV shows and they do fly high and fast. People buy them for entertainment and use them for drone races which are becoming all the more popular.

Now there is a drone that flies people around. The EHang 184 passenger drone made by the Chinese can now carry a single passenger weighing 220lb or 100kg along with a suitcase anywhere within a 10 mile/23-minute flight time reach.

Passengers will only have minimal controls: take off, pause flight and land. The drone’s autonomous flight controls do the rest. A control room will monitor the drones remotely via 4G mobile internet. With a battery that lasts for up to 30 minutes of flight and a range of up to about 30 miles (50 kilometers). Though the drone can reach up to 100 mph (160 km/h), but the drone’s average operating speed will be about 60 mph (100 km/h). The EHang has a max flight height of 11,000 feet.

If something does go wrong and the drone fails you won’t fall out of the sky as the drone has a full failsafe system. This drone will be flying around Dubai in the summer of 2017 according to reports and EHang tells us that it estimates the price of the 184 will be around $200,000 to $300,000.

[image from roboticstrends.com/motorauthority.com

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