How to dress like a gentleman

To dress like a gentleman give man a great sense of pride and honour. When a man dress up it’s like he wears his pride for everyone to see and that gives him great pleasure. Now to dress well does not mean you have to spend large amounts of money buying the most expensive items of clothing and accessories. You can still dress like a gentleman with a bit of money.

When shopping a gentleman has a certain style and dress sense. There are so many items of clothing that fall into the fashion category out there and those items are out of fashion within a blink of an eye.

When buying items go for style rather than fashion as style never goes out of fashion. Buying items of style will always keep your wardrobe timeless and you won’t have to worry about what’s in fashion and what’s not. Style is timeless and elegant, fashion is nice but fickle.

When buying clothing make sure you buy quality items that will last and put up with wear as having to buy cheap items again and again is not worth it. I heard a saying “Im too poor to buy cheap things”, this means buying cheap will make you buy again and again as they will break but buying quality gives you the satisfaction the item will last. Make sure the items of clothing you buy are right for the season like heavy oxford cotton shirt in the winter and light oxford for the summer.

Tops tips for dressing like a gentleman

  • Suits

Make sure when buying a suit you take your time and really consider your body shape and height first and then the colours and craftsmanship of the suit. If your a taller gentleman who has a good body shape that is not too skinny you can wear suits with larger lapels and bigger collars. If your short and broad you can wear suits with normal lapels and rounded collar shirts.

When buying a suit make sure the materials are 100% fabrics. Make sure you pick colours that you can wear to any event such as grey, navy, blue and black, these colours have different shades so pick the right shade. With these suits really consider the style of the suit you want and ask if the lapel size you want is good for your body shape. Make sure you get the suit tailored to fit your body perfectly. If your suit trouser are too long you look out of place and amateur.

Take Lapo Elkann heir of the Fiat throne and Juventus owner who has the best sense of style in the modern era. Tom Ford love his sense of style as Lapo knows what to wear and how to wear it.

  • Casual dress

When gentleman dress casual they tend to go for the elegant shirt with a cardigan, round neck jumper with a smart quality shirt or polo shirt along with a quality pear of jeans or chinos and loafers or a smart pair of trainers. For jackets you can weak peacoat jackets or long wool jackets.

Their wardrobe are filled with stylish essentials and they have base colours that can be mixed and matched with anything. So base colours like black, grey, white, navy and blue. You would have those colour T-shirts and shirts. You would also have a pair of blue and black denim jeans along with the suits mentioned above. For crew neck jumper and cardigans you can have the base colours along with purple, cream and any other colour you like. Jackets can be the peacoat and a smart jacket like Barbour wax ashby jacket. Have a quality pair of loafers like Carshoe, Tods or John Lobb. For trainers common projects are nice.

Along with those have some accessories like a nice watch or two. Have a pair of sunglasses like Ray-ban and some ties and cufflinks. These should be a great start in dressing more like a stylish gentleman.

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