Discover A Scandinavian Adventure Hidden Underneath A Blanket Of Snow

Known for its stunning glaciers, towering mountains and deep blue fjords, Norway is enveloped with rich history and an even richer landscape. Whether it is blanketed in snow or painted with colourful meadows, this Scandinavian playground provides the ideal opportunity to relax and explore on your next holiday. There are many Norway tours available, so to ensure that you make the most of your holiday, here are some destinations and attractions to keep an eye out for.

Akershus Fortress

This fortress is located in the heart of Norway, in the capital city of Oslo. Also known as Akershus Castle, this medieval castle is believed to have been built in the late 1290s by the then king of Norway, Haakon V Magnusson. Since surviving its first siege in 1308 by the Swedish, the fortress has become a national symbol for the people of Norway. Here you can experience attractions such as guided tours, which will offer a deeper insight into its rich history spanning across 700 years. There are also tours that focus on when the fortress was used as a prison.

Akershus Fortress is home to Norway’s Resistance Museum, which is also known as the Norwegian Home Front Museum. The museum reflects Norway’s occupation during World War II and its fight for resistance through various exhibitions and its archive library. If a guided tour isn’t your thing, feel free to explore at your own pace along the fortress trail or relax in the open parklands, which provide ideal spots to have a picnic or take some photos of the amazing scenery.


Located on the south-western coast of Norway, and around a seven-hour journey by train from Oslo, is the World Heritage-listed city of Bergen. Founded in 1070 and the second largest city in Norway, Bergen is vibrant with colourful old wooden houses, a skyline of snow-capped mountains and Sognefjord, Norway’s deepest fjord. The best way to soak up the deep history and beautiful sights is to take a walk through the Brygeen (wharf) side of the city, also known as Tyskebryggen.

After being rebuilt from a series of fires throughout history, many of the buildings have been recreated to their original design, and some stone cellars date back all the way to the 15th century. Walking through the Brygeen district is like taking a step back in time. There is history to be found around every corner, as each street is lined with ancient warehouses and medieval homes.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, or a better camera angle, then a cable car ride up to Mount Ulriken will offer 360-degree picturesque views of Bergen, and the many hills and fjords that surround it. There are many activities to keep you busy, such as Norway’s fastest zip line (up to 70 kilometres an hour), a variety of hiking trails and the Sky:Skraperen Restaurant, which is a great place to grab a bite and relax on their panoramic terrace.


It’s impossible to visit Norway and to not explore the sights and attractions that can be found throughout the bustling and colourful streets of Oslo. Take the chance to get up close to a perfectly preserved 9th century Viking burial ship at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum. It has been kept in ideal condition due to being discovered in 1904 after being trapped in mud that created an airtight and watertight tomb. There are also many other ancient Viking artefacts to be seen such as small boats, wood carvings, treasures they were buried with, beds, tents and much more.

Once it’s time for lunch, head over to the Mathallen Food Hall to taste delicious Nordic cuisine such as Smørrebrød, which is an open sandwich of rye bread, eggs, vegetables and fish, and is traditionally accompanied with potatoes topped with mayonnaise and chives. As Norway is known for having a fond love for naturally preserved foods, you will find a uniquely tasty choice of frozen, pickled and dried produce including cabbage, fish and vegetables. Meat lovers will find a vast selection of cured and fermented sausages and meats to keep their tastebuds busy as well.

Take A Trip Today

Whether you are hiking the many mountain trails, taking a stroll back in time or simply enjoying the many sights and tastes, Norway is a breathtakingly beautiful and unique country to explore for your next holiday. To book your own Scandinavian adventure, have a look into some Norway tours online and find a tour that best works for you.

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