Chest – Dumbbell flyes

This exercise focuses on pectorals.

To do this exercise you need to take hold of 2 dumbbells and hold them above your chest with straight arms and the take outwards but make sure you have a slight bend in your arm and you hold your chest outward. Take your arms all the way out to your sides remember to have a slight bend in your arm and bring your arms all the way back in and when the dumbbells touch above your chest you should have straight arms, move in a slow and calm manner so that you get the most benefit from this exercise.


1st set do 10-15 reps on say 8kg (if you’re starting)

2nd set do 8-10 reps on say 10kg

3rd set maintain 10kg and do 8-10 reps

4th set go back down to 8kg and max out.


Try and move up every week, if 10kg is too much to move up by every week then move up by 5kg. Do it on how comfortable you feel.

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