Can Lewis Hamilton win the 2017 world championship

Lewis Hamilton has been having a very competitive season. He and his competitor Sebastian Vettel have shared 4 wins each from the 11 races already gone. Vettel currently has 202 points in the world championship compared to the 188 of Hamilton. This year with has seen some major upgrades that have made some of the cars a lot quicker and more competitive (Ferrari) and that may have been underestimated by the dominating teams like Mercedes. This season the tyres are 25 percent wider than in 2016, with rear width up from 325mm to 405, and front width raised from 245 to 305. Tyre diameter has also increased and  wheel rim size remains unchanged at 13 inches. There has been some changes to the body work with the front wing span increased from 1650mm to 1800mm and the overall width of the car is up from 1800 to 2000mm.

The height of the rear wing is reduced to a maximum of 800mm, down from 950 last year. The increased height from 125mm to 175mm and width from 1000mm to 1050 has made the diffuser more powerful.
These changes have added a whole new element to formula 1 with more grip, better changes means more speed to go around corners and Ferrari seem to be handling the changes very well compared to Mercedes.
With these changes and the way things are going it looks like Ferrari can take this title race right to the end of the season and steal the title. Remember back to before 2014 where Vettel was dominating at Red bull with the 2.4-litre naturally aspirated V8 engine winning year after year. Then came the 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines in 2014 and since that major change Mercedes dominated for the last four seasons seeming to handle those changes very well. Now with the changes this year to the cars does it mean we see another team altogether dominate like Ferrari and Vettle for the next couple of years? It still maybe to early to tell but this world title fight between Hamilton and Vettel is difficult to figure out and if Vettle wins the title race it would be no real surprise. They are both fighters and excellent racers but who’s car will come out on top.
[image from bbc]

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